AORM | L6: Operational Risk Management for Projects
AORM | L6: Operational Risk Management for Projects
Project and changes are common place in the financial industry. It is only recently that project risk is explicitly included in the operational risk management scope. Yet, the coordination between the risk function and the project management teams are not always straight-forward. Based on practical successful experiences, this Lesson suggests framework and policy rules to assess and address operational risk on corporate projects.

Lesson 6.1: ORM for Projects
• Framework
• Policy for Project Risk Management
• Project Rating Criteria
• Stages of Involvement of ORM
• Risk Assessment Matrix for Projects

Lesson 6.2: Essentials of project management
• The Project Case
• Key Success Factors
• Typology of Stakeholders
• Common Causes of Project Failure
• Risk Wheel for Project Management
• Project Monitoring and Control
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