AORM | L7: Info Security Assessment & Cyber Protection
AORM | L7: Info Security Assessment & Cyber Protection
Cyber risk is voted top risk for the financial industry for three years in row. This Lesson explains how the same risk management framework can be applied to cyber risk and, more generally, to information security risk assessment. Based on real case studies, it presents a taxonomy for information security risk, essentials of assessment and the key elements of mitigation of cyber and information risk.

Lesson 7.1: Information security risk Assessment
• Framework
• Typology of InfoSec Risks
• Assessment Steps
• Exposure
• RCSA Matrix for InfoSec Risk
• Modern Representation of a Risk Matrix

Lesson 7.2: Information security risk mitigation
• Key Cyber Protection Measures
• Control Layering
• Mitigation Assessment
• The Importance of Exposure
• KRI for InfoSec Risk
• Highlights
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