AORM | L8: Conduct and Culture: Measurement and Management
AORM | L8: Conduct and Culture: Measurement and Management
Culture – or risk culture – is measurable as long as one defines an target objective. Inspired by the Influencer methodology and based on practical conduct and culture assignments, this Lessons presents practical ways to approach and influence risk culture in an organization, as well as most of the common metrics to monitor good conduct in financial companies.

Lesson 8.1: Conduct & Culture
• Context and Metrics
• Regulatory Context
• Conduct Dashboards
o Examples of Indicators
o Format
• Case Studies

Lesson 8.2: Conduct & Culture Behaviours
• Behavioral trend
• Embedding a risk culture
• The role of the CEO
• Influencing: research and results
• Key Behaviours

Lesson 8.3: Conduct & Culture: Case Studies
• Risk Management Values at BNP Paribas
• TEA values at a local bank
• Embedding Behaviors - The Influencer Matrix
• Key Behaviors – Previous audiences

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