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The PRMIA Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit supporting organization of the Professional Risk Manager's International Association, serves the global risk management community with leading thought, peer-vetted research, and stewardship of the risk management profession.

Get in touch! Let us know if you have any questions, research ideas, if you would like to become a member or a fellow, or if you just want to say "hi!"

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Our Mission

The PRMIA Institute defines excellence in the professional practice of risk management. Learn More.

We help your risk organization navigate complexity and aim to:

  • Advance thought leadership in risk management and develop standards of practice for risk management.
  • Promote understanding of the field, both from a practice and policy perspective.
  • Work with private and public entities on applied risk management related research.

Our Leadership

The PRMIA Institute was established in 2002 by risk entrepreneurs and philanthropists, who wanted to create a hands-on way to get involved in efforts worldwide to strengthen risk management practices. View Leadership.

Our work is centered on applied research. We partner with individual organizations as well as multilateral funding initiatives.

  • The PRMIA Institute is a registered party for the EU’s Horizon 2020 funding initiative. 
  • We have experience in design and management of work packages of larger funding initiatives.
  • Our PRMIA expert network and the PRMIA Institute
PRMIA Certification is already on my resume and I have had three interviews in just last week, for risk management positions. The certification is opening up a lot of new career opportunities for me that I had never even dreamed of. Gundeep Anand, PRM, Chicago, USA