Frequently Asked Questions - Associate PRM

  1. What is the Associate PRM?

  2. How will having an Associate PRM help my career?

What is the Associate PRM?
The Associate PRM is a PRMIA certificate program intended for staff entering the risk management profession, or those who interface with risk management disciplines on a regular basis, such as auditing, accounting, legal, and systems development personnel who want to understand fundamental risk management methods and practices.

How will having an Associate PRM help my career?
The Associate PRM program covers the core concepts of risk management allowing entry-level risk managers and non-specialists to interpret risk management information and reports, make critical assessments, and evaluate the implications and the limitations of such results. Upon the completion of this Certificate, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Understand corporate governance, compliance and risk management
  • Be able to implement integrated risk management
  • Know how to measure, manage and hedge market, credit (retail and corporate) and operational risk
  • Define the roles of board members and senior management in managing risk.

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