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  1. What kind of people belong to PRMIA?

  2. How many people belong to PRMIA?

  3. What are the PRMIA membership levels?

  4. How does being a member benefit me?

  5. Why should I belong to PRMIA?

What kind of people belong to PRMIA?
PRMIA members span the globe, and according to a recent member poll, represent many industries and areas of interest: 

PRMIA membership by region:
Asia Pacific = 30%
Americas = 30%
Europe/Middle East/Africa = 40%

The core industries represented by PRMIA membership are:
Banking = 39%
Consulting = 20%
Asset Management = 16%
Regulatory = 8%
Insurance = 7%
FinTech = 7%
Microfinance = 3%

As major areas of interest among members we observe:
Regulatory and Compliance = 65%
Model Risk = 60%
Credit Risk = 59%
FinTech = 59%
Market = 58%
Enterprise and Operational = 53%
Culture and Conduct = 38%
Geopolitical = 35%
Women in Risk = 34%
Insurance and Reinsurance = 33%
Retail = 30%
Microfinance = 29%

How many people belong to PRMIA?
PRMIA has approximately 50,000 risk professionals in its global network.

What are the PRMIA membership levels?
• Risk Leader
• Sustaining
• Contributing 

In addition, PRMIA offers Corporate memberships, which offer organizations the opportunity to provide their entire risk team with access to valuable services, resources, and educational opportunities that assist them in clearer risk definition and mitigation.

How does being a member benefit me?
Membership in PRMIA provides you with the tools you will need as you advance from student to specialist to manager to CRO. With membership you have access to training, specialized courses and webinars that will make you a better risk manager and more valuable to employers, credentialing that will give you an edge in risk jobs as a candidate who stands out, networking opportunities for professional advancement, and opportunities to build your own personal brand with writing, research and presentations.

Why should I belong to PRMIA?
50,000 people in the risk profession rely on PRMIA as their source for industry news, education, networking and idea sharing. Each year, we add more members looking for the best way to stay current in an industry that is ever changing, and PRMIA is their top choice. We understand the business of risk management, and our members are the best poised to be at the top of the risk profession.

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