Dedicated to Serve

Our team is dedicated to serving our global community. Reach out 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time USA to speak with staff. When the office is closed, please leave a message or use the contact us form.

Chief Executive Officer
Kristin Lucas, Managing Director of Operations
+1 612-605-3849
Sarah Beaham, Member Support Coordinator
+1 612-605-5370
Cheryl Buck, Director of Business Development - Americas
+1 612-605-8723
Elaine Gudmunsen, Manager of Learning and Development
+1 612-216-1785
Sara Lepp, Chapter Development Manager
+1 612-216-3844
Liz Helberg, Exam Coordinator
+1 612-216-4349
Adam Lindquist, Director of Membership
+1 651-204-3070
Zack Sommer, Manager of Member Experience and Marketing
+1 612-605-3780
Mary Rehm, Director of Learning and Development
+1 612-605-1685
Maddy Robinshaw, Director of Business Development - EMEA
+44 (0) 1367 244417
Jennifer Jaenicke, Events and Project Manager
+1 612-216-5200
Ashley Squier, Manager Learning and Development
+1 612-216-4739
Janet Tritch, Director of Marketing
+1 612-216-4017
Alexandru Voicu, Technical Advisor
Roger Whitman, Accounting Manager
+1 612-216-4325

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