Reported Violation Review Process and Confidentiality Terms

Review Process

Complaints are evaluated initially by the Chair and Vice Chair of PRMIA Ethics and Professional Standards Committee. The Chair and Vice Chair will judge if the complaint has standing and if there are grounds for action to be taken by the Committee. If necessary, the Chair and Vice Chair will conduct a preliminary investigation in making these threshold determinations. If cause for action does not exist, the complaint is dismissed. If the Committee has jurisdiction and cause for action exists, the Committee will open a case and conduct an investigation.

No matter how a complaint comes to the Ethics and Professional Standards Committee (via the website, staff, or directly to a committee member), the complaint will be forwarded to the Chairman and Vice Chair, who will maintain a log of complaints.

The respondent is afforded an opportunity to comment on all evidence that will be considered by the Committee and upon which the Committee may rely in its review of the complaint. At the conclusion of the investigation, the case is referred to the Committee for review and resolution.

Should the Committee find (by majority vote) that the member violated PRMIA Standards of Best Practice, Conduct and Ethics then the case will be referred to the PRMIA Board of Directors with the Committee recommendation and supporting documentation. The PRMIA Board of Directors (by majority vote) will make the final decision as to the resolution.


Files of the Committee related to investigation and adjudication of cases shall be confidential.

Investigation records containing personally identifiable information shall be maintained for at least five years after a matter is closed.

Nothing in these Rules and Procedures shall preclude the Committee from maintaining records in a secure place for archival or record keeping purposes, or from using or publishing information concerning ethics matters for educative purposes without identifying individuals involved.

Reopening a Closed Investigation

If significant new evidence of unethical conduct comes to the attention of the Committee after a matter has been closed, the investigation may be reopened and acted upon under regular procedures. If, in the judgment of the Committee Chair and Vice Chair, such information is furnished, the new evidence shall be submitted to the Committee.

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