The Associate PRM Certificate is designed for self-study and is based on selected chapters from the book, The Essentials of Risk Management, Second Edition, and various web-based resources.  


Required Resources

The required study resources listed below are designed for self-study.

The Essentials of Risk Management, Second Edition

The Associate PRM Certificate is currently based on selected chapters from this book by Michel Crouhy, Dan Galai, and Robert Mark.

Written for risk professionals and non-risk professionals alike, this easy-to-understand guide helps readers meet the increasingly insistent demand to make sophisticated assessments of their company’s risk exposure.  It provides the latest methods for measuring and transferring credit risk, increase risk-management transparency, and implement an organization-wide Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach.

 *A digital version of this book is included in the APRM fee when you enroll in the program* 

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Web-based Resources   

The following resources for the Associate PRM exam are available free of charge. These reading list items should be combined with The Essentials of Risk Management book.

Book Excerpts, Case Studies & Standards


Associate PRM Certificate Exam Prep Course (Optional)

Gain the confidence you need to prepare for the Associate PRM Certificate Exam. Led by Dr. Robert Mark, this self-paced course covers the core concepts of risk management, allowing non-specialists to interpret risk management information and reports, make critical assessments, and evaluate the implications and the limitations of such results. The course includes 8 lessons, assessments, plus recommended reading and case studies.

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