Credit and Counterparty Risk Management (CCRM) Certificate

The PRMIA Credit and Counterparty Risk Manager Certificate is designed to deliver a deep, practical understanding of credit risk management and analysis frameworks in financial institutions. Successful candidates will be better prepared to implement meaningful risk assessments, understand the credit lifecycle, understand developments in counterparty risk, and understand the key modeling techniques for credit and counterparty risk measurement.

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The certificate has just been updated to include the most current information on topics important to this ever-evolving role, including ESG, uncleared margin rules, SA-CCR, the latest changes to Basel that impact credit risk, and more.

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What is the Credit and Counterparty Risk Management (CCRM) Certificate?

The CCRM Certificate program is designed to give candidates a deep understanding of how credit risks impact financial institutions and the wider financial system. Passing the CCRM exam will demonstrate essential knowledge of these core credit and counterparty risk topics:
  • Classic Credit Products & Lifecycle — An overview of the building blocks that create — and drive the risk of — products traditionally considered credit products (including green and ESG lending products) and how they are managed through their lifecycle
  • Classic Credit Risk Methodology — How credit risk has traditionally been managed (i.e., before the advent of Basel-style PD/LGD models)
  • Credit Derivatives and Securitization — An introduction to instruments extending the range of classic credit instruments
  • Modern Credit Risk Modeling — Credit risk modeling using PD/LGD based VaR models where the loss distribution is simulated
  • Credit Portfolio Management — How to manage credit portfolio risk in an institution
  • Counterparty Risk — Source, definition, and fundamental mitigating actions (e.g., netting, collateral)
  • CVA and DVA — Definition, measurement, and interpretation of CVA and DVA
  • Management of CVA and DVA — How (and whether) to manage CVA and DVA in practice
  • Standardized Approach for Counterparty Credit Risk (SA-CCR) 

The CCRM is relevant to all risk-related roles in financial services, in particular Credit Risk Staff, Financial Controllers, Operations and Technology Managers, and Compliance and Legal Officers. 

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