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Certification Programs

Name DescriptionUnits RequiredTime Allowed
CCRMThe Credit and Counterparty Manager (CCRM) Certificate is designed to deliver a deep, practical understanding of credit risk analysis frameworks and how to deploy them. Learn more.1 Exam(s)12 Monthsf49abb75-398e-4843-8ec4-6fd04123d974
IOB ORMThe ORM Program for the Institute of Bankers in Ireland (IOB) students recognizes the knowledge obtained through the IoB's Operational Risk Management certificate program.
Graduates from the IoB program may submit their letter of commencement to PRMIA and receive a PRMIA issued ORM certificate. To enroll and submit your documentation, click the Enroll button, then click Continue.
1 Credits3 Monthsa605be8d-0a69-43f7-8b57-9307c192052f
MLARMThe MLARM Certificate is designed to deliver a deep, practical understanding of these areas of risk management, their frameworks, and measurement methodologies. Learn more.1 Exam(s)12 Months60297f69-3a1d-44ef-b5ed-8b3514b2037d


How do I view requirements for a program?
Select a program name to view the requirements, the units required, and the time allowed to complete.

Why can't I select some requirements to view more details?
Some programs are set up so that requirements should be completed in order. You will be able to select future requirements when the currently available ones have been completed.

How do I indicate I completed a requirement?
Some requirements allow you to select "Record Completion" for the requirement, or for the specific offering that you completed, to enter your completion details. Other requirements may require that association staff record your completion. 

How do I complete a program?
Complete of all the necessary requirements, including obtaining approval if needed, and make sure that you have earned the minimum number of units.
If the program requires approval, it will appear as Earned after your completion has been approved.

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