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Co-Regional Directors

  • Oleg Lebedev, Chair of London Chapter & Co-Regional Director
  • Rustum Bharucha, Managing Director, SEBA International 

Deputy Regional Director

  • Karl Sees, Director, Cube Logic

Steering Committee

  • Navin Rauniar, Risk Advisory Partner, TCS
  • Rohan Kataria, Head of Execution for WMR Traded Risk Stress Testing, HSBC 
  • Vijay Krishnaswamy, Partner, True North
  • Thomas Dirs, Chief Risk Officer at Vocalink, a Mastercard Company
  • Francois van Dyk, Advisor & Consultant ‒ Finance, Risk & Strategy 

Events Committee

  • Vijay Krishnaswamy, Chair, Partner, True North
  • Armel Massimina, Enterprise Risk Account Manager, Pay. UK
  • Karen Myers, CFA, MSc, Director, Capital Management Specialist, TD Securities
  • Katherine Moore, Operational Risk Consultant, Wells Fargo
  • Keith Jones, Senior Recruiter, Paritas Recruitment

To connect with your local chapter contact [email protected].

London Community Group

London chapter members can join the group discussion around the London chapter.

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