Cyber Risk Forum 2022

The war between Russia and Ukraine has brought the threat of cyber attacks on individuals, businesses, and nations into sharp focus for risk professionals. In a world that moved more and more of its business and operations online as a response to COVID-19, this has come at a dangerous time for many firms.

Risk professionals are being asked how to assess this risk for their management and boards, and to make the best plans to help ensure their firms are resilient in the face of such potential attacks. Meanwhile as the world becomes more online, many of the same risk professionals are being asked to consider new ways of doing business, including the use of crypto currencies.

This event will discuss many of these issues and look at ways that risk professionals can assess and manage these risks in their own firms.

Please click through the tabs above to find information for this year's Cyber Risk Forum.

Not able to participate in the live event? The event will be recorded and a copy will be sent in the follow up email 24 hours after the event. This meeting will follow Chatham House Rule.

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