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There are currently no scheduled training events for RIM. Please check back soon for updates.

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Virtual Learning

Where: Virtual Course
Chapter Template (Online Event - GoToWebinar)

Where: Virtual Chapter Event
Risk Leader Roundtable - The Ukraine Crisis
The PRMIA CRO networking group invites you to a follow up discussion on the Ukraine Crisis and the attendant risk matters affecting our group and their financial organizations. Under Chatham House Rule.

When: March 15, 2022
Virtual Learning

When: June 30, 2022
Where: Virtual Course
2023 PRMIA Risk Management Challenge
The PRMIA Risk Management Challenge is a case competition that empowers undergraduate and graduate students by taking them beyond the classroom and giving them exposure to real-world business situations. The Challenge offers students the opportunity to apply the concepts they have learned and showcase their knowledge, critical thinking skills, leadership, and presentation abilities while competing to win a US$10,000 prize. We are grateful to the following PRMIA Chapters for their... Details
When: December 1, 2022 – April 19, 2023
Corporate Financial Risk Management
When talking about risk management we mostly talk about the risk within financial institutions: banks, asset managers, insurers, etc. However, non-financial companies, which form a much bigger part of the economy, are also exposed to financial risks and devote significant resources to risk management. In this course, we will reveal and discuss the basics of Corporate Financial Risk... Details
When: March 14 – May 8, 2023
Where: Virtual Course
ORM Certificate Exam Prep
The Operational Risk Manager Certificate Prep virtual training is designed to cover all elements of a comprehensive operational risk management program and to prepare participants to obtain the PRMIA ORM Certificate. This course includes self-paced pre-recorded lessons and a mock exam. Join us March 21 - May 1, 2023.

When: March 21 – May 1, 2023
Where: Virtual Course
VUCA, AI and the Future of Risk Management
Thought Leadership Webinar: A discussion of how insights from complexity science and artificial intelligence are dramatically altering the profession of risk management.  Is ChatGPT or some other AI bot going to take my job?  Expectations of risk professionals are changing amid AI’s progress. We discuss the tools, tactics, and rethinking of risk management needed to be critical in the... Details
When: March 29, 2023
Where: Thought Leadership Webinar
The Current and Future State of AI/ML Models Governance

Join our virtual Canadian risk leader panel discussion to hear from experts on the latest implications of new AI/ML regulations for financial institutions in Canada, as well as some of the current risks and future business opportunities that AI/ML models governance can provide.

When: April 4, 2023
Risks, Opportunities with ChatGPT & Large Language Models
Thought Leadership Webinar: The last few months has increased awareness of the advances in Large Language Models with the release of ChatGPT. Join this webinar to learn more on this topic including risks and ways to mitigate the risks.

When: April 5, 2023
Where: Thought Leadership Webinar
Introduction to Climate Change and Climate Risk Management
This course explores the ways in which climate change drives traditional risk types, how climate-related risks can be identified, measured and managed, and the emerging opportunities in climate finance.

When: April 18 – May 1, 2023
Where: Virtual Course
Treasury Trends to Watch in 2023
Trading floor institutions and treasury functions are facing challenging times with current market trends, such as inflation and a volatile interest rate environment.

When: April 20, 2023
Where: Sponsored Webinar
TCFD Essentials in the Asset Management Sector
Thought Leadership Webinar: Join us to discuss insights into the current state of TCFD implementation across the asset management sector. Learn what is considered ‘best practice’ in the disclosure of climate risks and opportunities in the eyes of regulators and by other stakeholders in an environment where it is increasingly expected that firms have a significant contribution to play in the transition to a low carbon... Details
When: April 26, 2023
Where: Thought Leadership Webinar
Spreadsheet Control for Risk Management
Spreadsheets are a top 10 operational risk for most organizations. 70% of companies admit to having had a serious error. This course will equip participants with the skills to assess spreadsheet risk in their organization; implement an effective spreadsheet risk process; and build reliable business critical spreadsheets.

When: May 16–29, 2023
Where: Virtual Course

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