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The Operational Risk Manager Certificate Prep virtual training is designed to cover all elements of a comprehensive operational risk management program and to prepare participants to obtain the PRMIA ORM Certificate. This course includes self-paced pre-recorded lessons and a mock exam. Join us September 20 - November 14, 2022.

When: September 20 - November 14, 2022

Where: Virtual Course

Join us for our popular course on Enterprise Model Risk Management. This online course will guide you and your team through the key concepts required for a robust Model Risk Management program.

When: September 27 - October 31, 2022

Where: Virtual Course

Join us as we explore a myriad of regulatory impacts and best practices.  What are the next steps now that the FRTB reporting milestone has passed, and how will the most recent regulatory scrutiny around backtesting force financial institutions to look for new solutions?

When: September 29, 2022

Eamonn Hughes, Chief Sustainability & Investor Relations Officer at Bank of Ireland, will detail their ESG journey. With the spotlight increasingly being focused on banks and other financial institutions by both the Central Bank and by institutional investors, getting your ESG policy right is not a box ticking exercise but an existential demand. Hear how one of Ireland’s leading financial institutions has managed their journey.

When: September 29, 2022

Thought Leadership Webinar:  Machine Learning (ML) modeling continues to be adopted by many organizations. The model use is moving downstream from sophisticated developers and users to smaller organizations that are acquiring “off-the-shelf” models.  This webinar continues with the topic of validating these models without having a deep technical background in ML or AI.

When: October 5, 2022

Where: Thought Leadership Webinar

The AIMA Global Investor Forum 2022 will be returning to Toronto in-person. After two years of virtual conferences, this 8th annual forum is will bring asset managers, institutional allocators, and other professionals together in-person to discuss timely topics that shape the hedge fund, private credit, and digital asset industries.

When: October 13 - October 14, 2022

Where: Sponsored Webinar

Complimentary Webinar: This webinar seeks to review of results of EWST Global Survey and explore banking enterprise-wide stress testing concerns and challenges through an engaging discussion with our expert panel of senior executives from global financial and advisory firms.

When: October 18, 2022

Thought Leadership Webinar: “Risk Appetite” is a popular concept in the Risk Management industry. But what does a “Risk Appetite Statement” really mean? In this webinar, we will discuss the definition of Risk Appetite, the benefits of articulating it, as well as some pointers on how to develop a suitable Risk Appetite for your company.

When: October 19, 2022

Where: Thought Leadership Webinar

PRMIA Toronto is proud to host the 10th Annual Canadian Risk Forum. Senior risk professionals, industry experts, and academics will share their thought leadership insight on emerging risks from the ESG perspective and offer views on how talent risk is impacting organizations. Open banking and cyber risks also impact what institutions need to address to stay competitive. These challenges prompt new mitigation tactics. Join us for this two-day Forum to gain new insights and strategies on these loo

When: November 1 - November 2, 2022

Where: Toronto

IMAGINE WHAT YOU COULD ACHIEVE WITH 650+ RISK MANAGERS ON YOUR TEAM. Harness the collective intelligence of the world's best risk managers as leading experts line up to join RiskMinds International this November.

When: November 7 - November 10, 2022

Where: Barcelona

New regulatory initiatives and market trends are asking for much faster decision making, and more agile response from banks. As a result, financial institutions around the world are establishing dedicated teams to address these challenges and are increasingly looking for an efficient approach and the skilled resources with finance and risk forecasting expertise.

When: November 8 - December 12, 2022

Where: Virtual Course

Thought Leadership Webinar: With many cryptocurrencies and digital assets experiencing price volatility of over 100% per year, or five times the volatility of stocks, there is substantial disagreement on how to value these assets. While many of these assets will have zero value in the long run, others may achieve substantial levels of valuation.

When: November 9, 2022

Where: Thought Leadership Webinar

Thought Leadership Webinar: We are witnessing an era of unprecedented technological advancements with corporations across the globe digitally transforming themselves. Post emergence of Covid outbreak in 2020, world organizations are riding this wave of digitalization even faster than ever before. This webinar will discuss the key aspects of Technology Risk Management, with a focus on its relevance in a post COVID World.

When: November 16, 2022

Where: Thought Leadership Webinar

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