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Thought Leadership Webinar:  This webinar outlines how a financial institution might develop a framework for integrating climate risk into its financial risk management structure to begin preparing for the eventual regulatory climate risk and stress test reporting mandates.

When: August 17, 2022

Where: Thought Leadership Webinar

PRMIA Mumbai presents a Webinar on : “The Risk Management Landscape in 2022 and Beyond”

When: August 26, 2022

Thought Leadership Webinar: There has been "very limited focus" to date on the potential impacts of Climate Change on Operational and Reputational Risks. This session will fill this gap by explaining the potential behavioral and economic consequences of Climate Change; their transmission into Operational and Reputational Risk losses; and the tailoring of quantification techniques for: expected losses, scenario analysis, capital modelling, and reputational damage for different Climate Chan

When: September 14, 2022

Where: Thought Leadership Webinar

Thought Leadership Webinar: Join us for an overview of Risk Culture Building and how to build an effective risk culture in your organization.

When: September 28, 2022

Where: Thought Leadership Webinar

Thought Leadership Webinar:  Machine Learning (ML) modeling continues to be adopted by many organizations. The model use is moving downstream from sophisticated developers and users to smaller organizations that are acquiring “off-the-shelf” models.  This webinar continues with the topic of validating these models without having a deep technical background in ML or AI.

When: October 5, 2022

Where: Thought Leadership Webinar

The AIMA Global Investor Forum 2022 will be returning to Toronto in-person. After two years of virtual conferences, this 8th annual forum is will bring asset managers, institutional allocators, and other professionals together in-person to discuss timely topics that shape the hedge fund, private credit, and digital asset industries.

When: October 13 - October 14, 2022

Where: Sponsored Webinar

Thought Leadership Webinar: “Risk Appetite” is a popular concept in the Risk Management industry. But what does a “Risk Appetite Statement” really mean? In this webinar, we will discuss the definition of Risk Appetite, the benefits of articulating it, as well as some pointers on how to develop a suitable Risk Appetite for your company.

When: October 19, 2022

Where: Thought Leadership Webinar


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