How to Assess the Level of Risk Culture Maturity in Your Organization

New course launching April 15, 2024! Understanding the maturity level of an organization's risk culture is essential for targeted improvement and enhancement. This course equips participants with the knowledge and tools to assess their organization's risk culture maturity and identify areas for development. Participants learn to evaluate risk culture across key dimensions such as policies, processes, people, reporting, management, and systems. Through practical assessments, benchmarking exercises, and peer collaboration, attendees gain insights into their organization's risk culture strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. This course empowers organizations to strategically enhance their risk culture, align it with business objectives, and foster a resilient risk management framework.


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Horst Simon, Risk Culture Builder
Capricorn Group

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About This Course

This course provides participants with the knowledge and tools to assess the level of risk culture maturity within their organization. By utilizing the five levels of maturity and focusing on the six areas of risk management, participants will learn how to evaluate the current state of risk culture and identify areas for improvement. Through interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, participants will gain the skills needed to conduct a comprehensive assessment and develop strategies to enhance risk culture maturity.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Explore the assessment concept and levels of maturity

  • Explore the maturity assessment process

  • Develop the action plan based on the assessment results 

Coming Soon!

This is the second in a series of four (4) risk culture building courses. Be on the lookout for our future releases. Take all four courses and earn a badge!

  • Process to Purpose: How to Change the Focus from Risk Management to the Effective Management of Risk
  • The Future is Here: The Radical Risk Management Process
 Lesson   Topic
 Lesson 1  

Introduction to Risk Culture Maturity Assessment

  • Understanding the concept of risk culture maturity and its significance in organizational success
  • Overview of the five levels of maturity
  • Exploring the six areas of risk management: Policies, Processes, People and Organizational Design, Reporting, Management and Control, and Systems and Data
 Lesson 2  

How to assess the level of maturity in each of the 6 areas

 Lesson 3  

 Developing an Action Plan for Risk Culture Enhancement

  • Conducting a comprehensive risk culture assessment within the organization
  • Identifying priorities and key areas for improvement based on the assessment results
  • Developing an action plan with clear objectives, timelines, and responsible parties

Who Should Attend

This is a course designed for:

  • Risk management leaders
  • Directors
  • Business executives
  • Chief Risk Officers 

About Our Expert

  Horst Simon has been in commercial banking and the risk management consultancy industries for more than four decades. After a career of almost 25 years in Southern Africa, Horst started his work in the Middle East in 2005 at (the now) Emirates NBD Group, where he was tasked with building an Operational Risk Management function for the Group. He held previous operational risk and banking operations positions with Barclays Bank plc and with the Standard Bank Group of South-Africa Ltd.

Since 2010, Horst has been a Risk Management Consultant and Trainer and associated with leading global players in the field of Risk Management Consultancy and Training as well as Business Process Outsourcing. Most recently; he was a full-time Director-Trainer with Moody’s Analytics where he delivered Non-Financial Risk Management Training and co-developed an Operational Risk Leadership training program for a large Global bank.

Horst built an on-line Risk Culture Maturity Assessment tool with a leading UK Consultancy and the next year he contributed to the Institute of Risk Management’s Guidance Papers on Risk Culture. His special interest is in the field of People Risk and he has delivered many risk management training workshops in Africa, Asia, and the GCC. He also regularly presents at international conferences on the Mitigation of People Risk, Risk Culture Building and other enterprise risk management topics. He owns two professional groups on Linked-In and runs a virtual community on “The Future of Risk Management” at the Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

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