PRM™ Online Self-Directed Training

Gain the confidence you need to prepare for the PRM Designation examinations

Designed for practitioners at all risk management career levels, the program complements the material covered in the Professional Risk Managers’ Handbook. Instructors expand on each topic using information that can be traced back directly to the PRM Handbook.

PRM Online Self-directed Training is created by industry experts and offered on platforms that foster interaction among students using innovative learning management systems.

What's in it For You

  • Learning at your own speed for a 12-month period beginning with the enrollment date
  • 20 Hours of learning content, aligned to the PRM Handbooks, outlined and segmented to ensure efficient learning progress throughout each module
  • Clear and concise discussion of the technical content from the PRM Handbooks
  • Appropriate for those students who wish to refresh their knowledge in preparation for taking the exam, as well as those students who are beginning their PRM studies
  • Examples on how to apply each lesson's principles
  • Practice questions in each module that test students' ability to apply the newly acquired knowledge

Program Content

Module Main Focused Content Instructor Module Hours Module Price
PRM Exam I
  • Portfolio Mathematics
  • CAPM
  • Term structure of interest rates
  • Firm capital structure
  • Option pricing
  • Valuation of forward contracts
  • Swaps, credit derivatives, bonds, caps, floors, swaptions
  • Bond, FX, stock, futures, energy, commodities, and money markets
Mario Mosse
MMosse Consulting, LLC
approx. 10hrs $450
  • Descriptive statistics used to summarize the historical characteristics of financial data
  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Matrix Algebra & Operations
  • Cholesky Decomposition of a Matrix
  • Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
  • Simple & Multiple Regression Models
Mark M Jarosz
Founder & President
The Vexity Group
approx. 3hrs $135
  • Implementing an Effective Risk Management Framework
  • Operational Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Counterparty Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Bank ALM, Liquidity Risk Management and FTP
Jaidev Iyer
President & CEO
J-Risk Advisors, LLC
approx. 7hrs $315


PRM Module I

Mario Mosse
MMosse Consulting, LLC
PRM Module II

Mark M. Jarosz
Founder and President
The Vexity Group
PRM Module III

Jaidev Iyer
President and CEO
J-Risk Advisors, LLC

Member Pricing - PRM I

  • Sustaining Members: $405
  • Contributing Members: $427
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Member Pricing - PRM II

  • Sustaining Members: $121
  • Contributing Members: $128
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Member Pricing - PRM III

  • Sustaining Members: $283
  • Contributing Members: $299
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