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PRMIA Sustaining Members now have access to TripPlanet, an invite-only platform that provides access to deeply-discounted airfare, hotel rates, and car rentals. TripPlanet offers members up to a 60% discount when compared to other online travel sites.*

  1. PRMIA members can access:
    • Discounted flights: 500+ airline partners
    • Discounted accommodations at 900,000+ lodging establishments that include: hotels, motels, resorts, hostels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation Rentals
    • Discounts on car rentals: All major car rental agencies

    Services to be added soon:
    • Vacation rentals: 1M+ properties
    • Tickets and attractions: 5M+ events, major amusement parks, attractions, concert tickets and shows
    • Cruises: 50+ cruise lines offering over 25,000 sailings
    • Tours and activities: 200,000+ worldwide options

  2. You must be a Sustaining Member to receive access to the PRMIA TripPlanet gateway.

  3. Access the TripPlanet portal below (must be signed into your PRMIA account).

  4. You may share your link with family and friends to offer them your PRMIA member benefit.

*TripPlanet is a division of Rocketrip Inc., a subsidiary of Mondee Holding, the largest provider of discounted airfare and travel agent technology in the world.

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