PRMIA Recognizes New Sustaining Members

PRMIA would like to thank and acknowledge those people who became Sustaining Members during June 2018. Thank you for supporting your professional risk association.

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Aine ni Mhathuna
Aislinn Murphy
Alan Browne
Alexander Mattielli
Anita Denke
Anthony Audureau
Arash Jalilian
Assiba Ponou Kouassi
Bojan Antic
Brendan McGrath
Catherine Reyes
Cecily Garcia Fischmann
Chileshe Moono
Conor Joseph O'Reilly
Conor P. Molloy
Daniel R N Leather
Danny Williams
David Ziehlke
Fergus G. Concannon
Francis John Conlon
Fung Jun Ho
Gabriele Mueller
Galal Hazzi
Gerard Planas
Ievgenii Masko
Ishant Arora
Jacob Vazhakkalayil Raju
Jenna McAuley
Jonathan Lim
Joshua Parker
Katja Klara Reichert
Kawsu Badjie
Killian Donnelly
Kouadio Kahoba Konan
Leonardo Arieira Fernandes
Lourda Brennan
Lucy da Piedade
Lukasz Mikolajczuk
Markella Andreou
Marly Emmanuelle Bernard
Maryam Faisal Alhaji
Michael Palace
Minh Giang Vuong
Mohana K. Bhogadi
Mouhamadou Gueye
Nitish Sem
Omphile Mabitsela
Osman Sayid Hassan Musse, II
Pierre Charbonneau
Rainier Vergara
Rochus Herrmann
Rory Flynn
Samuel Ngwanka'a Ayiehfor
Senthilnathan Sakthivel
Simon Wilson
Suzanne Harrop-Allin
Thomas Joseph Eberle, III
Tony Lee-Yiu Chan
Tshidi Marinagwe
Vadim Khamzin
Yaqoob Yousif Yousif Abdulla
Yen Hoang Le
Ying Wai Wong

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A body of literature and social media has emerged in recent years, calling attention to the possibility that some models used by financial institutions to analyze risks and make important decisions may contain unintended biases.


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