PRMIA Recognizes New Sustaining Members

PRMIA would like to thank and acknowledge those people who became Sustaining Members or PRMIA RIM members during November 2018. Thank you for supporting your professional risk association.

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Abhishek Paul
Alan Norman Lwetabe
Andrew Scott Turner
Betty Kimani
Brooke Leneau
Caren Ricketts
Catriona Mary Hynes
Ciara Fitzpatrick
Ciaran Doherty
David Kerins
David R. Box
Deepak Rajkumar
Eamonn Mulhearne
Elias Demetriades
El-Tonya Duckworth
Eoghan Bergin
Eric Izzard
Fatema Hassan Alam Dar
Felipe Emilio Maestro Pacheco
Flavio Canali
Francois-Xavier Fx Adam
Geoff Morris
George A. Milligan
Gregory Toczylowski
Guillaume Gheldof
Isa Ali Danesh
Jaideep Banerjee
James Cashmore
Jamie Normile
Jasminka Plenkovic Pastuovic
Jay Owens
Jean-Paul Dereepere
Jennifer Dittrich
Joel Campagna
John Rambo
Jonathan Hede
Judith Hilton
Kanhaiya Sinha
Keith Becker
Krishnan Hariharan
Leah Hirshfield
Lemeng Feng
Leon Low
Linda Noctor
Lori Morrell
Manal Al Sarraf
Marcel Peter Rindfleisch
Marcin Gigiel
Matias Kallio
Matthew Baines
Megan Ann McCullagh
Michael Schihl,
Monica Mothalampet
Monika Sieniawska
Nabil Ali Qasem
Nabil Heddied Aloufi
Najla Abdulla Albinali
Nicholas Hammell
Nicole Eborn
Rajesh Madishetty
Ran Liu
Rod Gliven
Rory Brian O’Gorman
Russel Alkhozaei
Rusty Kerr
Sabrina Greene
Sacha Paneda
Samrah Kazmi
Saud Ali Hardan
Sean Brady
Shanna Bass
Shauna Meabh Lambe
Sunilkumar J
Susan Harkins
Tameika Burrell
Tawfeeq M. Bastaki
Thabo Samuel Maluleka
Thierry Arnaud Guillaume Daeschner
Timoleon Adamopoulos
Todd Warren
Urmat Sarpekov
William Van Dusen, II
Wilson Orero Angwenyi
Xiao Wang
Yitzhak Zaken

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