PRMIA Thanks Sponsors and Volunteers of Recent Events

Canadian Risk Forum

Sincere thanks to the sponsors and volunteers of the Canadian Risk Forum for their contributions in making the event a tremendous success. This event would not have been possible without their significant support and contributions. 


Platinum: KPMG

CRO Select:

Wolters Kluwer

Rotman School of Management

Workshop Sponsor: Financial Risk Group (FRG)

Canadian Risk Forum Volunteers
Andreea Amariei | CRF Planning Committee Chair
Mihaela Capra | Toronto Planning Committee
Kabil Jaa | Pan-Canada Committe
Chris Merriman | Pan-Canada Committee
Sanjiv Talwar | Toronto Planning Committee
Victoria Guo | Toronto Planning Committee
Rachel Liang | Toronto Planning Committee
Jeff d'Avignon | Toronto Planning Committee
Greg Davis | Toronto Planning Committee
James Babicz | Toronto Planning Committee
Richard Di Gioacchino | Toronto Planning Committee
Carl Densem | Pan-Canada Committee

EMEA Risk Leader Summit

Thank you to the sponsors and volunteers of the EMEA Risk Leader Summit for their contributions in making the two day event a huge success. This summit was enhanced by their support and participation.


Bloomberg – strategic partner
Avantage Reply
Bearing Point

Planning Committee 
Led by Kathryn Kerle (PRMIA London Co-Regional Director and Head of Risk Reporting, Risk Infrastructure, RBS) and Cosimo Pacciani (Chief Risk Officer, European Stability Mechanism). Thank you to Clare Acaye and Vijay Krishnaswamy, London Steering Committee members, for their help with the event.

And thanks PRMIA EMEA Chapters for their involvement and support of this event: 
Bahrain, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Egypt, Frankfurt, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, London, Luxembourg, Munich, Netherlands, Nigeria, Paris, Poland, Qatar, Russia, South Africa, and Vienna.

Recent News

Intelligent Risk Highlight - April Edition - How to Develop Risk Appetite Statements

The development of risk appetite statements is conceptually difficult; moreover, creating statements that management can use, and that applies to day-to-day operations has been extremely challenging if not impossible.

Intelligent Risk Highlight - April Edition - Aggregated Vendor Risk - the Cyber Security Blind Spot

Companies in all industries are relying on hundreds, sometimes thousands, of vendors to manage the complexity of today’s business landscape. This web of vendors can include suppliers, contractors, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Intelligent Risk Highlight - April Edition - De-biasing Financial Models

A body of literature and social media has emerged in recent years, calling attention to the possibility that some models used by financial institutions to analyze risks and make important decisions may contain unintended biases.


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