PRMIA Recognizes New Sustaining Members

PRMIA would like to thank and acknowledge those people who became Sustaining Members or PRMIA RIM members during December 2018. Thank you for supporting your professional risk association.

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Anup P
Barbara Babic
Ben Freakley
Brett Voisin
Carolyn Burns
Dan Ortiz
David Ezra Owen
David Nlend
Devon Krainer
Erik Maletzky
Fawwaz Abdulaziz Alzuhair
Gauri Andriks
Haisam Ramadan Serour Youssef
Huma Muzaffar Khan
Imre Szabo
Ishita Bhatt
James Albert John McBride
Jason Chan
Jean Paul Gauci
Jessica Villanueva
Johan Fraussen
Johannes Merkl
Jozef Skvarcek
Judy Mischke
Katrin Gottschalk
Kelly M. Young
Laura Gallagher
Livia Schmid
Manef Bouaziz
Marc Bonnassieux
Matthew P. McKinley
Michal Krol
Mohamed Diop
Natalie Y. Yakovenko
Nidhi Bhatia
Olga Plop
Peter J. Wood
Prokopios Karadimos
Rehan Zulqadar Rashid
Robert D. Brooks
Roberta Pek
Ryan Lee
Samkelisiwe Portia Mdakane
Sandra Benner
Sapnesh Raghu Varma
Sarah Baker
Sean Sapsford
Sebastian Krejci
Shane Gillespie
Simon Carrier
Srdjan Bosnjak
Suzanne Leeney
Vasna Autar
Venkataditya Vankadaru
Veronica Henley

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Intelligent Risk Highlight - April Edition - De-biasing Financial Models

A body of literature and social media has emerged in recent years, calling attention to the possibility that some models used by financial institutions to analyze risks and make important decisions may contain unintended biases.


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