PRMIA Recognizes New Sustaining Members

PRMIA would like to thank and acknowledge those people who became Sustaining Members or PRMIA RIM members during January 2019. Thank you for supporting your professional risk association.

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Ahmad Roshan
Amanda Mcallister
Arnold Chepkong'A
Ayush Verma
Baurzhan Smagulov
Berica AskewBreier
Bhagirath Iyer
Blendi Hoxha
Bogdans Andruscenko
Brendan McInerney
Cahal Brendan Cunningham
Caolan Buckley
Carlos Guevara
Catherine McGovern
Chandradev Naregadu
Christopher Gizzi
Christopher Patrick Malwadde
Cole Winston
Colleen Sheahan
Conleth Cull
Courtenay Brammar
Cristeta Bagsic
David A. Perdomo Zaldivar
David Whelan
Dean Mitchell
Diana Bergan
Elias Loki
Elizabeth Ward
Emanuele Rossotti
Eric Shekleton
Erin Yaroch
Ethan John Angus Drew
Ethan Miles
Gary M. Luff
Gordon G. Liu
Grace Cruz
Hadrien van der Vaeren
Hugo D. Beven
Hung Chan Lai
James Lyons
James Martin Kearns
James Piteo
Jing Xiao
Joanna Mioduszewska
John Andrew Roulston
Joshua Francois Koch
Kai Zhao
Kamel Jlassi
Kamil Rusak
Karar Bukhari
Katharine Huntley
Kimberly Coday
Kornelia Fabisik
Laura del Campo
Lee Sustar
Manzur Ahmad
Marc Passolas I Sole
Marco Antonio Giron Maradiaga
Marco Pavisic
Marek Kardach
Margarita Minceva
Maria Florini
Mariusz Owczarek
Mark Lanigan
Mark P. Kust
Mark T. Rogers
Markus Mair
Martynas Narvilas
Miguel Borg
Mike Derstine
Mohamed Fouad Ahmed
Mohamed Gamal Abdelghani
Mohammed Kroessin
Naidu N. Guttapalle
Nikolay Strazdin
Nisarg R. Shah
Norbert Holczinger
Paul Diouri
Paul Dolman
Paul Kalamaras
Peter Gerard Dunne
Raffaella Esposito Esposito
Rajiv Agarwal
Ram Ananthapadamanaban
Rohan Wilson
Romain Girardot
Rox Nae
Sadie O'Sullivan
Scott Young
Shen Wang
Sophie Vincent
Stefania Serato
Steve Franke
Steven Devine
Steven R. Hunter
Talgat Tursumbekov
Tatiana Kurbanova
Tonya Gorham
Victor S. Chen
Vladimir Georgiev
Yasir Tariq
Yen Tong
Yenchen Feng
Yilin Jin
Ziying Li

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