PRMIA Recognizes New Sustaining Members

PRMIA would like to thank and acknowledge those people who became Sustaining Members or PRMIA RIM members during July 2019. Thank you for supporting your professional risk association.

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Abdullah Mater AlMahri
Aisa Andrea Lopez
Albertus Remers
Ali Aleyan
Anthony Wong
Armand Principato
Aswini Balasubramanian
Bianca Roxana Dragucian
Brent Close
Ciaran Flanagan
Cindy Pazmino
Daire Mitchell
Darren Lynch
David Button
David Lemieux
Dinesh Vashudev Sharma
Emilie Granger
Emmett Coulter
Eric Lee
Francesco Idili
Frida Bravo Jaramillo
Henry Yen Wei Lim
Hope Garcia Husbands
Ian James Hughes
Ian Quinn
Jakub Szymon Samek
James Desmond Blain
Jordan Hutton
Justas Bliudžius
Kathleen Bogdon
Kevin Kwok
Marc Lagueux-Bresse
Mike A. Aspoas
Minh Le
Olga Golovanova
Patricia Hove
Patricia Klemp
Paul Magro
Renga Samy
Richard Clossick
Riona Lesslar
Robert Andrew Simon
Scanlon Mark
Shaikha Albalooshi
Shaka Charleau
Simon Collins
Sohail Kabiruddin
Stephane Arvanitis
Vaidehi Seth
Valtteri Tapio Sulonen
Zoe E. Skoufalos

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