PRMIA Recognizes New Sustaining Members

PRMIA would like to thank and acknowledge those people who became Sustaining Members or PRMIA RIM members during September 2019. Thank you for supporting your professional risk association.

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Adrian Ghinculov
Aine Kiernan
Aisling Browne
Austin Santillo
Barry T. Kelly
Ben Maguire
Benji Koshy
Brian McKenna
Caitlin Alexandra King
Chanel Gillen
Cheryl James
Cheryl Spielman
Conghui Wu
Connor Chapman
Dauren Yeleukenov
David Whitaker
Dermot McNicholl
Edwin Mpande
Elena Olivera
Elizabeth Candy
Ellen Creaney
Emily Jean-Pierre
Emmet McCarthy
Eoin Jenkinson
Eoin Peter Maguire
Evi Terziu
Ewa Janikowska
Fionntan Beatty
Graham Webb
Hannah Eames
Hugh O'Leary
Igor Evaristovich Pavlotskiy
Jack O'Toole
Jacky Pivert
James Kane
James Soja
Jason Chetan Ogilvie Rodrigues
Jeniffer Romero
Jennifer Barry
Jennifer Yu
Jim Euge
Jimmie Powell
Jonathan Cortes
Jonathan M. Edgar
Josh Kittell
Katie Anne Roberts
Kellan Skrine
Kelly Souhrada
Kim Cahill
Kristoffer Seemann Sørensen
Lance Rich
Ligia Groza
Lou Cenatiempo
Luciano Rodrigues Lara
Luke O'Halloran
Marc David Carter
Mary Brock
Michelle Synkowicz
Muhammad Afizahabi Hj Ismail
Nicolas Delisle
Nisha Kanyan
Patrick O'Mahony
Patrick Widmayer
Paul Mokdessi
Peter McConnell
Piotr Kubaty
Prakash Mohan
Rachel Brown
Rebecca McArthur
Rutang Thanawalla
Ryan Evans
Samuel Desta
Sandra Tillotson
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Reppchen
Sean Keenan
Shehzad Hakim Ali Hassan Ali Hirani
Sotirios Gountas
Stellio Laderval
Steve Ngongang
Tammie Washington
Usman Qasim
Vanessa Soto-Jimenez
Vivian Harris
William Luke Fitzhenry
Yannick Ruben Capote Lopez
Ying Zhou

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