PRMIA Announces Results of 2019 Board Election

On behalf of the PRMIA network of more than 50,000 risk professionals, its current Board of Directors, and a dedicated corps of over 600 volunteers, we are extremely pleased to announce the results of the 2019 Board election, which concluded on Friday, November 1st. Congratulations to the following nominees, who received the highest number of votes from the PRMIA electorate community.
Global Representatives
Penny Cagan
Managing Director and Head of Operational Risk Governance
MUFG Union Bank
Roselyne Renel
Asia Pacific Representative
Sankarshan Basu
Professor of Finance
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
These new Directors were elected by PRMIA members from a pool of very strong and highly qualified candidates. In addition, all nominees were approved by the electoral process as led by the PRMIA Nominating Committee, with Bonny Dorland and Andrew Auslander as its Co-Chairs. New Board members begin their service January 1, 2020.
We extend a huge thank you to outgoing PRMIA Board members Jonathan Howitt, Mihaela Capra and Oscar McCarthy for their years of dedicated service at the chapter, global committee, and Board of Directors level. Their involvement in key discussions and decisions over the past three (plus) years has been instrumental in moving PRMIA forward. On behalf of a grateful association, thank you.
Equally, we welcome the above new Board members and look forward to their participation in setting and implementing the many aggressive strategies and agendas of PRMIA going forward.
Should anyone have questions or comments about the election process or the new slate of Directors chosen to lead PRMIA, contact Ken Radigan, PRMIA CEO, at

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