New Issue of Intelligent Risk Continues its Focus on the Impact of COVID-19


The July 2021 issue of Intelligent Risk continues to focus on the impact of COVID-19. Overall, the economy is showing signs of recovery and improving, with a few exceptions where vaccinations are not available or widely adopted, and the path to recovery is slow. In response, many organizations are launching hybrid work plans with a blend of flexible in-office and remote work.

Against this cautiously improving backdrop, PRMIA’s Sustaining Members contributed a variety of topical articles about economic recovery mirrored in the stock market, managing financial risks in (re)insurance in the post-pandemic world, changes in the CVA framework beyond Basel III, NSFR – the final leg of liquidity regulation, the emerging environmental risk assessment process for sustainability, failure of Archegos, stock markets and pandemia, the perils of ignoring climate risk, and the potential for dedicated R&D in banking operations.

Thank you to Nagaraja Kumar Deevi, Steve Lindo, and David Veen for serving as content editors and to our authors for taking the time to share thoughts from their personal and professional experiences.

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