ORM Certificate or Designation – Which is Right for You?

To support the growing role of operational risk management and the high demand for staff with operational risk management knowledge, experience, and proven competency, PRMIA offers both a certificate and a designation program to meet individuals wherever they are in their career.
The Operational Risk Management CERTIFICATE is for you if:
·        You are looking for new opportunities in your institution related to the growing field of operational risk
·        You want a seat at the table for emerging risks faced by your organization
·        Your employer recognizes the importance of continued education
·        You want a certificate to show your accomplishment
The Professional Operational Risk Manager DESIGNATION is for you if:
·        You are a current Operational Risk Manager or are seeking a promotion into this role
·        You have at least 5 years of full-time work experience with at least one year with risk management responsibilities
·        You want to show that you can apply your operational risk management knowledge to real-life situations
·        You want an “ORM” credential after your name to showcase your qualification

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