Maintaining PRMTM Certification

Earning the PRM signifies to the world that you have the knowledge, skills, and qualifications that risk managers must bring to today’s fast-changing financial environment.

Continued Risk Learning (CRL)

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PRM Designation holders are required to submit 20 CRL credits annually to maintain the PRM Designation, and remain a PRMIA Sustaining member.

As a PRMIA Sustaining member, you have access to:
  • up to 24 Thought Leadership webinars each year, and
  • the CRL Program tab in your member profile.

PRM Holders certified in the 2015 program and after are required to meet these recertification requirements. Details on the recertification requirements and how to track CRL credits can be found in the PRM Guidebook.

You Have Identified Yourself as a Risk Leader. Now Let Your PRM Designation Work for You!

Take advantage of this opportunity to be recognized for your achievement and make the most of the advantages that PRM Designation provides.

Tell Your CRO, CEO, Supervisor, and HR Manager About Your New Credential

Your digital certificate is easily shared with employers through a unique certificate URL in your Accredible profile, and publicly displayed in the PRM Public Directory.

Inform your employer about the continuing education requirement to maintain your certification, and showcase your commitment to continuously learning and growing in your field.

The CRL Program provides the ability for you to share reports for CRL activities completed.

Use 'PRM' After Your Name

As a current PRM Holder, you are now able to add PRM after your name and use the PRM Designation logo on your business card.

Only current PRM Designation holders may use this valuable designation.
Download the logo today to add to your business cards.

Add the 'PRM' Designation to your:

  • Email Signature
  • Letter Signatures
  • Resume
  • Business Cards
  • Personal Web Site or Company Staff Directories
  • Name in Published Articles in Professional Publications
  • Certificates, Diplomas, Name Plates, Badges
  • Bios
  • Corporate Photo ID

Include a brief synopsis of what certification means, what is required to get and maintain the certification, and why it sets you apart from others in the profession.

Display Your Credential and Connect with Other PRM Certified Professionals on Social Media

Add the PRM credential to your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites. Connect with other PRM Certified Professionals by joining the PRMIA Online Communities , our LinkedIn group and by following us on Facebook.

Announce Your New Credential to Your Professional Community

Encourage your employer to send an announcement to industry publications and a press release to the business section of your local newspaper. Include a brief synopsis of what certification means, what is required to get and maintain the certification, and why it sets you apart from others in the profession. PRMs with digital certificates should also include their unique certificate URL in the announcement.

Spread the Word About PRM Certification*

Talk to your colleagues and contacts about the PRM and the positive impact it has had on your career.

  • Encourage your colleagues to earn the PRM. They can improve their effectiveness and knowledge while elevating the level of professionalism among risk practitioners.
  • Give a presentation or make yourself available to answer questions about the PRM process at a local chapter meeting or training session.
  • Give a testimony about your experience with the PRM. PRMIA welcomes testimonials that can be used on the PRMIA website and in marketing materials.

Start a Study Group*

Join the PRMIA Online Community study group or start a study group through a local PRMIA Chapter. These are a great way to offer your expertise to those studying for the exam.

Become a PRM Advocate for Your Local Chapter.*

Volunteer to distribute PRM material to local members, at chapter events and meetings, and be available to members for questions about the PRM process.

Recognize the PRM Designation when Hiring

Include the PRM certification as a requirement or preference for any hiring that you do.

Become a PRMIA Mentor*

Join PRMIA Mentor Connect and join the risk manager mentor program that connects you with people in your own town or across the globe. Be connected with individuals looking for mentors based on experience, personality profile, and needs.

Since you recognize the value of PRM certification and the respect it commands in the industry, mentor others who might benefit by becoming PRM certified. Pass on the power of certification by becoming a mentor. Explain what professional certification can mean. Offer encouragement, answer questions, and share information about available resources to prepare for the exam. For details on how other mentoring programs can be submitted for CRL credits, visit the CRL Program.


PRMIA has many volunteer opportunities around the world that are open only to PRMIA Sustaining members and PRM Designation holders. Visit the PRMIA Volunteer Leaders and Committees page for details.

*Some of these activities may qualify for CRL credits. See CRL Program Eligible Activity Guidelines .

For more information, or to get started with any of these activities, please contact

Current PRM Holders (Max Display 500)

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DesignationFull NameTitle
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PRMMuhammad Zaheer Abbas, PRMCredit Risk & Basel-II Manager
PRMMaytham AH Abbas, PRMAssistant Manager - Risk Management Department
PRMMark C. Abbott, PRMManaging Director
PRMHind Abdo, PRMSenior manager
PRMAhmed A. Abdullah, PRMChief Risk Officer
PRMAdel Nabeel Abdulrahim, PRMRisk Officer
PRMMaria Krishna Pabalan Abello, PRMAssistant Manager, Global Markets Finance
PRMTaiwo Abiodun, PRM 
PRMkehinde Abiodun, PRMFinancial consultant
PRMIsaac A. Abiola, PRMVP, Sr. Quantitative Financial Analyst
PRMAderemi O Aborode, PRMInternal Auditor
PRMHervey Abotsi, PRMSenior Quant Risk Analyst
PRMAbdel-Kader Abou-Kabassi, PRMData Scientist
PRMVilen Abramov, PRMMarket Risk and Liquidity Model Validation Group Manager
PRMNtamjokouen Sobgni Achille, PRMResearcher in actuarial science
PRMDavid M. Acott, PRMVice President
PRMFrancois-Xavier Fx Adam, PRMMarket Analyst - Currency Management
PRMRichard M Adams, PRMRisk Manager
PRMIsom Adiari, PRMDeputy Group Head, Enterprise Risk Management
PRMKevin ADIKPETO, PRMInternal auditor
PRMEdward Adunya, PRMManager, Investment Risk
PRMEli ADZOGAN, PRMDerivatives Analyst
PRMAndrey A. Afanasiev, PRMRisk Manager
PRMAnastasia Agafonova, PRMEconomist
PRMGaurav Agalcha, PRMBusiness Analyst
PRMVasso Agapitou, PRMHead of Pricing & Portfolio Risk
PRMRemika Agarwal, PRMAssistant Vice President- Structured Finance
PRMVivek Agarwalla, PRMVice President
PRMGaurav Aggarwal, PRMManager
PRMKapil Aggarwal, PRM 
PRMAnshul Agrawal, PRMExempt Non-Officer
PRMMuna Ahmed, PRMCompliance Officer
PRMBushra Jaffer Ahmed, PRMAssociate
PRMNewaz Ahmed, PRMAnalyst - Small Business Banking
PRMAakash Ahuja, PRMSenior Risk Analyst
PRMMunish Ahuja, PRMAssociate
PRMZaur Akhmedov, PRMManager, Risk & Analytics
PRMVictor E. Akin, PRMnone
PRMShigeyuki Akita, PRMManaging Director, Risk Management Department
PRMSalah Hassan Al Aradi, PRMSenior Dealer
PRMZainab Al Hazeem, PRMCredit Analyst
PRMLatifa Al Mutawa, PRMManager - Bahrain Credit Reference Bureau
PRMNadia Al Qassab, PRMStudent
PRMAmal O. Al Rayes, PRMResearch Analyst
PRMMahmood Al Shaiba, PRMLoan Officer
PRMAli Abbas Al Sharaf, PRMSenior Manager
PRMSaba Alabbasi, PRM 
PRMOmar A. Alabbasi, PRMFunds Analyst
PRMYaser Ali Alabbasi, PRMassistant vice president
PRMSrinivas S. Alai, PRMQuantitative Analyst
PRMGuru Alampalli, PRMVP
PRMHesa Ahmed Albardooli, PRMSuperintendent - Investment Business
PRMAbdulmajid A Albasri, PRMRisk Manager
PRMTim Albertmelcher, PRM 
PRMAbeer Adel Albinali, PRMRisk Manager
PRMDavid H Albizzati, PRMModel Validation
PRMLuca Alboresi, PRMHead of Group F&C Exposures
PRMTony K. Algar, PRMMarket Risk Manager
PRMDhuha AlGhareeb, PRMOperational Risk Manager
PRMYaser Abdulrasool Salman Alghasra, PRMSenior Lecturer
PRMZohair Ali, PRMOperations Manager
PRMSamreen Ali, PRMCredit Risk Modeller
PRMMohammed Shahed Ali, PRMVP, Audit Manager
PRMOwais Ali, PRMSenior Manager, Group Operational Risk
PRMNasir Ali, PRMSenior Executive Manager
PRMMOHAMED mahmoud ali ghaith, PRMmanager of risk analysis
PRMMalik Alidina, PRMDirector Risk Management
PRMLaurence Allaire Jean, PRMAVP
PRMWouter Allegaert, PRMProduct Risk Manager
PRMWilliam Allen, PRM 
PRMGlenn Almelor, PRM 
PRMSemion V. Alperin, PRMManaging director
PRMFatema AlSaad, PRMMarket Risk and Middle Office Officer
PRMKhaled J. Alsayyad, PRMFinancial Analyst
PRMOlof Fredrik Alsin, PRMAssistant Market Risk Manager
PRMOykun Altug-Polikar, PRMSenior Quantitative Risk Analyst
PRMHan Wen Alvin Eng, PRM 
PRMTarek Bahaa Aly, PRMHead of Market Risk and ALM
PRMAbdulkarim Alzakari, PRMRisk Manager
PRMLoris La Alzati, PRMInternal Control Manager
PRMAndreea Laura Amariei, PRMAssociate Vice President
PRMVamsidhar Ambatipudi, PRMDirector
PRMJumana Ameeri, PRMActing Risk Manager
PRMAmjad Amhager, PRMBusiness Analyst
PRMAzhar Amir,PRM, PRMEconomic Analyst
PRMRouzbeh Amirazodi, PRMManager - Natural Gas Retail Supply
PRMAMOUYE GUY AMON, PRMRisk Reporting Manager
PRMGoran Amon, PRMConsultant / Financial Services Industry
PRMRamez Amoudi, PRMGeneral Manager - Investments
PRMThibaud Laco Amrane, PRMstudent
PRMSim Tze Tien Amy, PRMAssistant Vice Manager
PRMDimitrios Anagnostopoulos, PRMManager
PRMArun Anakkathil, PRMTeam Specialist
PRMGundeep S. Anand, PRMn/a
PRMRam Pranam G. Ananthapadmanaban, PRMAssociate Director - Quantitative Research
PRMPourya Anasori, PRMSenoir Analyst
PRMsilvia elena anastasiu-onuta, PRMmarket risk analyst
PRMSøren Agergaard Andersen, PRMCRO


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