PRM Exam Exemptions – Cross-Over Exemptions

PRMIA Members who are Associate PRM Certificate Holders or CFA Charter holders are eligible for exemptions for specific PRM Designation examinations as shown in the table below.

CFA Holders are also approved as meeting the PRM Experience requirements (Master’s degree or equivalent) so long as the CFA status is current at the time the last required PRM exam is passed.  


Awarding Organization

PRM Exemptions

Register for These PRM Exams

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

CFA Institute

Exams I & II, Experience

Exams III & IV

Associate PRM  Certificate PRMIA Exam IV Exams I, II and III

    *All other PRM Designation requirements (experience and membership) must be met at the time the last required PRM Examination has been passed.

To request an Associate PRM or CFA Holder Exemption:

To apply for a PRM Exam Exemption, individuals must hold a current PRMIA Membership (Sustaining, Contributing, or Affiliate) and must submit a completed PRMIA Exemption Form . The PRMIA Exemption Form should be submitted after successful completion of PRM Exams III and IV.

  1. Gather the required documentation:
    • Associate PRM: Certificate number and date awarded
    • CFA: Scanned copy of the CFA certificate, a letter of acceptance, or the name as it appears on the CFA certificate and the CFA number
  2. Complete the PRMIA Exemption Form
  3. Submit the completed form and any required documentation to

All exemption requests are processed once per week. Individuals seeking exemptions will be notified by the PRMIA Exam Coordinator if further information is needed or once the exemption request is approved.

PRM Program Fee

Even if individuals are eligible for a PRM Exam Exemption, the complete PRM Program Fee must be purchased. There is no additional fee for the PRMIA Exemption process.

If you have any questions, please contact