Foundations for Financial Risk Management

Proof you have a solid understanding of theory and risk measurement

Current students are eligible to sit for the PRM Exam 1

Students currently enrolled in a degree program are eligible to take the PRM Exam 1, Finance Foundations.

By passing the PRM Exam 1, you have evidence that you understand the fundamentals important to sound financial risk management practices.

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Examination topics

The following domains from the PRM Designation syllabus are assessed in the PRM Exam 1, Finance Foundations. The examination contains 60 multiple-choice questions with one correct option.

I. Finance Theory (17 questions)

II. Financial Instruments (14 questions)

III. Financial Markets (16 questions)

IV. Mathematical Foundations of Risk Management (13 questions)

Download the PRM Designation guidebook  for a detailed syllabus and the examination requirements.

The Foundations for Financial Risk Management Certificate

Upon successful completion of the PRM Exam 1, individuals are awarded a digital certificate that can be displayed in their resume and social media profiles to indicate their knowledge of Financial Risk Management fundamentals.

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Career Path - What comes next?

Individuals with the Foundations for Financial Risk Management certificate can apply to the PRM Designation program when they are eligible, and take the PRM Exam 2 to become a PRM Designation Holder*.

Download the PRM Candidate Guidebook for complete details of the PRM Designation requirements.

*PRMIA Sustaining membership is also required to achieve PRM Holder status.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Professional Risk Manager (PRM™) Designation program is designed for practicing risk managers within the financial services industry. As a practitioner based program, it's requirements were established to ensure individuals who undertake the program study and examinations are prepared.

The topics that are assessed in the PRM Exam 1 are often addressed in bachelor and master degree programs that include financial risk management courses. As a result, the PRMIA Education Committee changed the requirements to allow current students or recent graduates from undergraduate programs to undertake the examinations.

The program fee is US$364 for PRMIA Sustaining members and US$540 for non-members. The Program fee includes 60 month access to the PRM Exam 1 handbooks and authorization to sit for the exam at a Pearson VUE test center or in a remote-proctored environment. The exam must be completed within 12 months of enrollment.
The exam authorization is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. This allows sufficient time to study the topics from the PRM Handbooks and prepare for the examination.
PRMIA membership is not required to enroll into the PRM Exam 1 as a student, although current PRMIA Sustaining members received a discount on the program fee. For non-members, a PRMIA account must be created before the enrollment form can be submitted.
A current transcript that shows you are currently enrolled into a degree program. The transcript can be a scanned copy of an official transcript or an unofficial transcript downloaded from your student portal. If you hold an undergraduate degree but do not yet have two years of work experience, you are also eligible to sit for the PRM Exam 1 and may submit a scanned copy of the degree awarded within the last two years.
You may log into your Pearson VUE account to schedule your exam. For a list of scheduling and testing windows, please visit the PRM Exam Schedule.
Individuals who do not pass the PRM Exam 1 may retake the exam 60 days after their last attempt. Contact to request a link to the retake exam fee.
Individuals who pass the PRM Exam 1 are provided a digital certificate along with a code that can be used when applying for the PRM Designation. The code will reduce the program fee since the PRM Exam 1 has already been passed. When applying for the PRM Designation, the Foundations for Financial Risk Management certificate for the PRM Exam 1 is documented. All other PRM requirements must be met before Holder status is issued. Download the PRM Candidate Guidebook for details of the current PRM requirements.
Individuals with an active exam authorization for the PRM Exam 1 who are ready to apply for the PRM Designation program should contact for instructions.
Individuals who were enrolled into this certificate program but were unable to pass the PRM Exam 1 are encouraged to determine what topics within the PRM Syllabus they need further support before attempting the exam again. PRMIA has published a PRM Self-Assessment tool which may prove helpful in this analysis.

Individuals who have not passed the PRM Exam 1 as a student may still apply for the PRM Designation when they meet the experience requirements. With an approved application, the full PRM Program fee is required, which will provide access to the complete set of PRM handbooks required to study, as well as authorization to sit for both exams as a PRM Designation candidate. The 60-day retake period still applies in this situation.

Download the PRM Candidate Guidebook for details of the current PRM requirements.

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