Pirmin Stutzer is one of a growing number of people who see the PRM as a valuable tool to advance their careers


Name: Pirmin Stutzer, PRM
Title: Financial Engineer
Company: Man Investments
Job Function: Modeling and analyzing structured Hedge Fund projects like CPPI and other principal protected structures, CFO, CDO, etc.

Background: He has spent three years teaching at university, one and one-half years in Quantitative Analysis (RMF, Quant Team), and one year on the Financial Engineering Team of Man.  He has a Master degree in economics (Lic. rer. pol; University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Master degree in statistics (MSc in Stat; University of Neuchatel, Switzerland), Master degree in Financial Engineering and Quantitative Analysis (MSc FEQA, ISMA Centre, University of Reading, UK).

What have been the key factors to success in your career?

A good academic background combined with common sense. I'm always pursuing what is feasible in reality but still theoretical sensible.

What interesting projects are you working on right now?

I'm defining and implementing a Worst Loss measure across different investment strategies in the alternative investment area; applying the latest research in the CDO modeling; modeling accurate non-normal multivariate return distribution by taking into account higher co-moments.

Why did you decide to pursue the PRM?

Continuation of permanent on-the-job and off-the-job training.

How does the PRM benefit those who prepare for and pass it?

The PRM exam tests the wide area of risk management in general with a special focus on quantitative topics.  Hence, each candidate who prepares for the examinations gets an up-to-date overview of the theoretical background of today's risk management topics.

Successful candidates will benefit from having a sound theoretical background as well s being part of a well-developed network between risk management professionals.

What would you say to others who are considering the PRM?

It's always worth taking additional exams in order to not get rusty.

About Man Investments

I'm working in the world-wide biggest Fund of Hedge funds, and a solution provider for all investment decisions and engines in the alternative investment area, including hedge funds, private equity, high yields (levered finance), commodities as well as weather and energy derivatives.


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