Continued Risk Learning (CRL) Program

The PRMIA Continued Risk Learning (CRL) Program is a Sustaining member benefit and enables current PRM and ORM Designation Holders to track progress towards meeting the recertification requirements.

PRM and ORM Designation Holders who are required to recertify must maintain Sustaining Membership and submit 20 CRL credits each year.

The PRMIA CRL Program is available in Sustaining Member profiles.

Eligible Activities & Calculating Credits

Activities may be taken through PRMIA or non-PRMIA providers, allowing flexibility in selecting activities aligned to your professional interests and goals. PRMIA activities are automatically accepted with documentation. PRMIA Thought Leadership webinars are automatically logged and do not require documentation.

Documentation must be submitted for non-PRMIA activities and are reviewed by the Exam Coordinator for approval at various times during the year. It is important you maintain your own personal records as well as upload to your CRL program tab.  

For a full list of eligible activities, including accepted activity types, topics, duration and the rate of credits earned, see Eligible Activity Guidelines.

Eligible activities are categorized as using a structured or unstructured learning format.

Activity Format

Activities submitted for credit should align with at least one of the following risk topics.

Activity Topics

Activity Review

PRMIA activities are automatically accepted. Non-PRMIA activities are reviewed during audits that occur throughout the year. Pre-approval of activities is not required or provided. Activities must be submitted for a specific number of credits, determined by the participant at the time of submission using the Eligible Activity Guidelines below.

When the CRL activity review is conducted, CRL Program participants may receive a request for additional documentation. For Designation Holders who are required to meet annual maintenance requirements, an email detailing the number of credits remaining for a given calendar year may be sent.

For Designation Holders, accepted activities are applied toward the participant’s CRL credits for the year the activities occurred. Declined activities may still be tracked and logged in the participant’s account but will not apply towards the participant's CRL credit year for Holder maintenance. 

Calculating Credits & Maximum Limits

The rate at which credits can be earned is highly dependent on the activity type and is clearly described for each activity in the Eligible Activity Guidelines below.

The number of credits submitted should be calculated based on the time spent actively engaged in specified CRL activities and should not include time spent on breaks, eating meals, or networking.

For the CRL Program* there is no limit to the number of credits that can be reported for a particular period.

For the Designation CRL Program each recertification period includes Activity Type and Format limits. These limits apply only to the 20 credits required for recertification each year. Any additional activities submitted will be recorded for the period in which they were submitted; they are not rolled over to the next recertification period. CRL Credits that are reported over the required 20 credits for a given year may be applied towards prior year maintenance requirements. (Note - this is to allow individuals an opportunity to "catch up" on their PRM or ORM Designation maintenance requirements when their status has been moved to "Qualified".)

*The CRL Program is available to Sustaining Members as a benefit to allow for tracking of annual continued education.

Activity Format Limit

Activity Type Limits


To ensure current PRM or ORM Designation Holders are meeting the required maintenance requirements for recertification, audits of the CRL records are completed periodically throughout the year. It is important that Designation Holders maintain their own Continued Risk Learning documentation, as well as log the credits in their CRL Program tab of their PRMIA profile. 

The audit is intended to ensure documentation provided meets the requirements. Designation CRL Program participants are reviewed to ensure the recertification requirements are met for that certification year.

Participants are required to upload their documentation and calculate the CRL Credits accurately. If this information is insufficient, participants will be contacted additional information or documentation.

For Designation CRL Program participants who do not submit the required 20 CRL credits in a specific certification period (1 year), the certification status will change from "holder" to "qualified" until 20 CRL credits are submitted and approved. To maintain "holder" or certified status, ensure the credits are uploaded in a timely manner and that documentation is complete. 

Eligible Activity Guidelines

Structured Learning

College/University Courses

Maximum Credits Accepted Per Year: 20

Successful completion of a graduate or post-graduate program (MBA/Ph.D.) or course at an accredited college/university. Includes:

  • Live/in-person instructor-led classes
  • Internet/distance learning
  • Digital learning
  • Other self-study programs that result in accredited college or university credit toward a graduate degree

CRL credits are earned at the rate of four (4) CRL credits per course credit. For example, a four-credit course would earn 16 CRL credits. If the total calculated credits exceed the maximum allowed for this category, only 20 credits can be claimed.

Undergraduate/introductory courses/programs do not qualify for credits.

Accepted Documentation: Copy of course transcript indicating a passing grade (including, but not limited to, pass/fail type courses).

NOTE: Professional development courses/programs leading to a certificate and not to a graduate degree (MBA/Ph.D.) are to be reported under Category B: Conferences, Seminars, Workshops & Training sessions.

Thesis or Dissertation Delivery: Final delivery of a thesis or dissertation at a globally accredited college or university can also be claimed for credit. A maximum of 15 CRL credits will be awarded per year for final delivery of thesis or dissertation.

Accepted Documentation: Copy of the title page, description, AND transcript listing successful completion of the project, as well as an annex of the dissertation/thesis.

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, and Training Sessions

Maximum Credits Accepted Per Year: 20

Attendance at live events (not recorded). Includes:

  • Any risk-related professional development conferences, seminars, workshops, or training courses
  • PRMIA Chapter Events
  • Any risk-related professional development course completed through a college/university that does not lead to a graduate degree

CRL credits are earned at the rate of one credit per 50 minutes of instruction time, or ½ credit per 25 minutes of instruction time.

Accepted Documentation: Certificate of completion, or copy of registration confirmation, which must reference the course duration and date, topics covered and college/university/affiliated organization name.

Webinars, Print, and Online Courses

Maximum Credits Accepted Per Year: 20

Completion of print, audio, video, and online format courses and/or webinars.

  • Any risk-related professional development online courses or webinars
  • Any risk-related professional development online course completed through a college/university that does not lead to a graduate degree
  • Any risk-related professional development books

Webinars may be presented in either of the following formats:

  • A live presentation with web-based delivery of PowerPoint slides or other participant materials
  • Pre-recorded/archived presentations that result in a certificate of completion

A maximum of 5 CRL credits can be earned per book read.

CRL credits are earned at the rate of one credit per 50 minutes of instruction time, or ½ credit per 25 minutes of instruction time.

Accepted Documentation: Webinars, online courses: Certificate of completion and key learning points outlined. PRMIA events (including sponsored) a registration form or key learning points can be submitted as evidence to the member record. Books: submission of summary of the book.

Published Articles, Books and Blogs

Maximum Credits Accepted Per Year: 15

Published risk-related books or articles you have written. Topic must be risk-related. Blogs and articles must be posted/published on professional websites or publications.

CRL credits are earned at a rate of two credits per published page (books) and one credit per 1200-word post (blogs and articles). Two blogs or articles can be combined to meet the 1200-word minimum.

Accepted Documentation: Articles: a copy of the publication cover AND the index indicating length of article (number of pages). Book: a copy of the title page AND the verso with the publication date. Blog: a copy of the web page, date posted, and web page URL.

Speakers/Presenters & Academic Lecturers

Maximum Credits Accepted Per Year: 10

Service as a lecturer, presenter, or teacher.

  • Subject matter must relate to risk management.
  • Presenting at a PRMIA chapter event may be claimed for credits.
  • Credits are not earned for presentations given as part of your everyday job responsibilities.

CRL credits are earned at a rate of two credits for every 50 minutes of presentation time. You may only claim credits once for a presentation, lecture, or course given multiple times during a calendar year.

Accepted Documentation: Copy of program agenda indicating the (1) date, (2) presentation title, (3) description of presentation, and (4) your name as the presenter. For courses taught at colleges/universities, provide a copy of the syllabus, course title, and description from the course catalogue for the corresponding semester.

Unstructured Learning

Volunteer Service/Leadership

Maximum Credits Accepted Per Year: 5

Holding executive officer or Board position or serving on a Committee or Task Force. Listed below are some examples of positions that qualify and the number of credits they earn per year. You may submit more than one position per year. Total credits not to exceed 5.

  • Member of a National/Global Board: 5 credits per one-year term
  • Member of a committee, working group, or task force: 3 credits per one-year term

Accepted Documentation: A copy of the program or publication listing your name OR a signed letter from an association officer or committee chair.

Mentoring PRM Candidates via the PRMIA Flash Mentorship program 

Maximum Credits Accepted Per Year: 5

Current PRM Holders who mentor current PRM Candidates as part of the PRMIA Flash Mentorship program receive 1 CRL credit for each hour of mentorship. Mentorship in the Flash Mentorship program includes providing support for candidates studying for an exam, responding to questions posed related to specific PRM syllabus topics. Accepted Documentation: Completed hour logs from mentor program. 

Mentoring and Student Internship Supervision

Maximum Credits Accepted Per Year: 5

Coaching or mentoring a young professional, or supervising an undergraduate/graduate internship. Accepted Documentation: Completed evaluations from student.


Maximum Credits Accepted Per Year: 5

Writing relevant risk research either for academic or practical purposes covering any aspect of risk management. The research must be performed and written after your PRM or ORM Designation has been acquired.

Accepted Documentation: PDF version of the research paper listing your name as an author.

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