Canadian Risk Forum 2021

Businesses are challenged with long-term risk outlooks and determining how to best prepare for what may lie ahead. They will be watching 3 drivers: political, technological, and societal. During this year’s forum, we will look at various areas such as cyber attacks, catastrophic climate events and social unrest.

Pandemic threats will continue to require coordination across all areas of organizations. Businesses have had to manage dual economic and health crises, which have driven new employee and customer engagement protocols, remote working on an unprecedented scale, the re-engineering of supply chains, and numerous bankruptcies, consolidations, and creative partnerships. Pandemic responses will require the need to constantly be updated, mandating new projections, and prompting new mitigation.  Please join us for this 2-day forum to better understand where we may be headed.

Please click through the tabs to find information for this year's Canadian Risk Forum.

Not able to participate in the live event? The event will be recorded and a copy will be sent in the follow up email 24 hours after the event. This meeting will follow Chatham House Rule.

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