PRMIA was established in 2002 by a volunteer group of risk industry professionals with the vision of solidly anchoring the new association in ethical guidelines, transparency, testing standards, courses and publications that would be better than anything offered by others in the risk profession and always committed to non-profit ideals of service. Listed below is this committed group of individuals.

Emerico Amari
Senior Partner, MACFIN Group Management Consultants
Regional Director, Italy Chapter; Former Member, Education and Standards Committee

Fred Au
Principal, Risk Partner
Former Regional Director, Hong Kong Chapter

Aussant Executive Director, MSCI Inc
Former Regional Director, Montreal Chapter

John Paul Broussard
Associate Professor, Rutgers School of Business Camden
Education Committee, Ethics Committee

Michel Crouhy
Head of Research and Development, NATIXIS French Investment Bank
Co-Author Associate PRM Textbook – Essentials of Risk Management; Co-author of chapter in PRM Handbook

Kenji Fujii
Executive Office, Head of Global Risk Management, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
Former Regional Director, Japan Chapter

Dan Galai
Dean, The School of Business Administration, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel
Co-Regional Director, Israel Chapter; Co-Author Associate PRM Textbook - Essentials of Risk Management; Former Member, Blue Ribbon Panel

David Green
Managing Principal, David Green Advisors, LLC
Former Steering Committee Member, Atlanta and Washington, DC Chapters; Former Regional Director, Atlanta Chapter

Frank Hayden
Energy Professional
Member, PRMIA Ethics Committee; Former Regional Director, Houston Chapter

Kruskal Hewitt
Senior Associate, AuditOne, LLC
Former Education Sub-committee Member; Co-Chair, Ethics and Professional Standards Committee

Geoff Kates
CEO, HTE Resources and HTF Consulting
Former Member, London Steering Committee; Former Member, Board of Directors; Former Chair, Executive Committee; Former Regional Director, London Chapter

David R. Koenig
Chief Executive Officer, The Governance Fund Advisors, LLC
Former Chair, Ethics Committee; Former Executive Director; Former Chair, Board of Directors; Former Member, Education and Standards Committee; Former Regional Director, Minneapolis Chapter; Former Member, Regional Director Support and Standards Committee; Former Member, Academic Advisory Committee; Recipient of 2007 Higher Standard Award

Dr. Andrzej Kulik, CFA, PRM
Head of Internal Audit, mBank
Regional Director, Poland Chapter; Former Board Member; Former Vice-Chair, Executive Committee

Darren Langer
Head of Portfolio Management, Nikko AM
Former Regional Director, Sydney Chapter; Former Vice Chairman, Executive Committee

Phang Hong Lim
Program Director/Program Leader, Toronto Center
Former Board Member; Former Regional Director, Singapore Chapter

Robert Mark
Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer, Black Diamond Risk
Treasurer, Executive Committee; Chair, Finance Committee; Co-Author Associate PRM Textbook - Essentials of Risk Management; Former Vice-Chair, Executive Committee; Former Chair and Founder PRMIA Blue Ribbon Panel; Member, San Francisco Steering Committee

Philip Merrill
Principal, Sagacious LLC
Former Regional Director, New York Chapter; Former Member, Board of Directors

Daniel Otero
Chief Risk Officer, BLADEX
Former Regional Director, Argentina Chapter

Soren Plesner
CBS Copenhagen Business School, Founder, SPKF Financial Knowhow
Former Steering Committee Member, Denmark Chapter; Former Regional Director, Denmark Chapter; Former Member, Board of Directors

Dan Rosen
Managing Director, Risk and Analytics, S & P Capital IQ
Former Member, Toronto Chapter Steering Committee; Former Regional Director, Toronto Chapter; Author, Two Chapters of PRM Handbook

Nawal Roy
Founder and CEO, Holmusk
Former Member, Interim Board of Directors; Former Member, Education Committee; Former Regional Director, New York Chapter

Seth Shapiro
Executive Vice President & Risk Strategist, Kibble & Prentice/USI
Co-Regional Director, Seattle Chapter

Alexander Shipilov
Partner, Quantitative Risk Advisory, Deloitte
Member, Finance Committee; Former Board Member; Former Treasurer, Executive Committee; Former Steering Committee Member, Toronto Chapter

Sergey Smirnov
Open Joint-Stock Company “Insurance Company AHML,” Guild of Investment and Financial Analysts (GIFA), Horizon Research Publishing
Member, Russia Chapter Steering Committee; Member, Exam Sub-committee; Former Regional Director, Russia Chapter; Former Member, Education and Standards Committee

Lars Soderlind
Senior Advisor, The Council, Risk Ciceron
Former Regional Director, Sweden Chapter; Former Steering Committee Member, Sweden Chapter
Tom Traub
SVP, Enterprise Credit Risk, Bank of America
Former Regional Director, Charlotte Chapter; Former Member, Education Committee

Zvi Wiener
Head of Finance Department, School of Business Administration, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Co-Regional Director, Israel Chapter; Former Co-Chair, Education and Standards Committee

Debbie Williams
Vice President, Marketing Strategy at S&P Capital IQ
Member, Boston Chapter Steering Committee; Former Regional Director, Boston Chapter

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