Cyberwarfare: an Emerging Global Risk Impacting our Society

By Vivek Seth

A featured article of our April 2020 edition of PRMIA's Intelligent Risk quarterly newsletter

In the context of global risks faced by countries, the risk of materialization of large-scale cyberwarfare has become increasingly prominent in recent years. Broadly speaking, cyberwarfare refers to deliberate cyber-attacks like spreading of computer viruses and hacking by one or a group of nations on another nation state’s technological infrastructure. Key motivations of such attacks include political aspirations to  disrupt  the  operational  activities,  digital  espionage,  spreading  misinformation,  physical  sabotage,  coercion  in  decision  making  process  and  financial  gain  at  the  expense  of  the  target  country  or  international organizations. With an ever-increasing interconnectedness of the world via internet and digital infrastructure, targeted cyber attacks can prove to be an effective tool for causing large scale harm to victim government, military and corporations.

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