Crisis Fraud Risk Management

By John Thackeray

A featured article of our July 2020 edition of PRMIA's Intelligent Risk quarterly newsletter

The  crisis  fraud  risk  management  is  born  out  of  a  highly  volatile  atmosphere  which  can  upend  and  overwhelm even the most structured fraud risk management program. This volatile atmosphere is here with us today and comes in the form of COVID-19. COVID-19 represents the single greatest challenge to  fraud  risk  management  (“FRM”)  because  pandemics  and  their  effects  were  never  identified  as  a  driving force in the escalation of both existing and new types of emerging fraud. Moreover, business continuity  plans  had  an  isolated  focus  on  operations  rather  than  people  and  operations,  with  much  shorter time frames envisaged.

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