Impact of Coronavirus on European Banking - Micro View

The Coronavirus pandemic is profoundly affecting the global economy and financial system in an unprecedented way. While the finance sector has developed significant crisis management experience over the last two decades, the impact of Corona remains uncertain, affecting many industry sectors and countries in different ways. This requires a combination of specific actions, related to the macro and micro economic environment. 

The PRMIA Chapters of the EU are pleased to lead the below online chapter meetings which outline the major issues and how they are been dealt with in different contexts. Experts from Austria, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands will address the key issues related to the Corona Virus

Impact on IFRS 9

How will business and credit strategies change?
Loan reclassification and stress of relevant parameters
Expected impact on Pillar 1 and 2
The definition of macroeconomic scenarios and their weights
Review of the criteria implemented for the SICR definition and of the sensitivity of the credit risk measures (i.e. PD, LGD or satellite models) currently in use 

Credit processes and management

How the measurements used for the risk detection might evolve? 
How to manage state aid initiatives in the monitoring systems, including specific effects of the pandemic on common cluster of clients
How analytical systems can change? Are EWS, rating models or capital allocation matrices suitable for the circumstances?


  David Gruenberger, Head of Section, Regulatory Policy (European Central Bank - Banking Supervision) and member of IFRS Advisory Council (Germany)
  Chistian Marini, Senior Manager, Prometeia (Italy)  
  Nicola Andreis, Head of Risk strategy, Illimity Bank (Italy)  
  Edoardo Faletti, Head of Enterprise Risk Management, Banco BPM (Italy)   
  Christian Duesterberg, Risk Management professional and former Head of Risk Methodology, Erste Group(Austria)  
  Lubor Malina, Risk Management professional and Former Head of Methodology, National Bank of Slovakia (Slovakia)  


Oscar McCarthy, Regional Director of PRMIA Netherlands

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