Risk Mindset 2020s and Beyond

Presented by PRMIA London and ACCA Western Europe for a co-hosted webinar, cobranded with ICPAC and SOEL, putting the spotlight on risks.  During these challenging times, virtual events can provide much-needed opportunities for self-development and CPD fulfilment.

Understanding risks has never been more important than now, as the world is living through events that were thought nigh on impossible a few years ago. High impact low probability events seem to be occurring with higher frequency in recent years, so the understanding of risks faced by an organization is often paramount for its survival. The significance of the right risk mindset supported by strong risk culture therefore cannot be overestimated. We will look at key concepts of risk, its evolution in 21st century, and how risk and finance are interrelated.

Oleg Lebedev, Chair & Co-Regional Director, PRMIA London

Oleg is a Co-Regional Director and Chair of PRMIA London Chapter. With over 24 years experience in risk, business and technology transformation in the financial industry and MBA from London Business School, Oleg helps organisations to better understand risks and take advantage of technology disruption, shape and deliver required change through high-impact cross-functional programmes. Oleg is a Partner at Feel Good In Companies - a firm focusing on improving overall enterprise performance through productivity increase due to higher levels of employees’ wellbeing and better management of Human Capital Risk.  

Rachael Johnson, Head of Risk Management and Corporate Governance, ACCA

Rachael Johnson has over two decades’ experience writing about risk and governance. Rachael is also the secretariat of ACCA’s Global Forum for Governance, Risk and Performance Forum, which advocates, produces thought leadership and comments for consultations.

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