Data and Analytic Resources to Evaluate Climate Risk

Key Takeaways

Participants gain insights on both risk mitigation and revenue enhancement opportunities, with applications of risk data and analytics that are easily accessible on the web. Also, learn about recent developments in the context of machine learning and AI resources for better understanding climate risk implications, inclusive of free online toolsets.  The domain of geospatial analytics are explored with respect to how unique insights from these models can be applied. 



Perry Beaumont, PhD is a Data Scientist with multiple industry certifications, and he is active in the financial services sector and academia. Perry is currently with AWS Cloud Computing, and he is a Lecturer at Columbia University. He has led a number of high profile insurance and banking initiatives over the arc of his 30 year professional career, inclusive of serving as the first Head of Data Science and Analytics at Distinguished Programs (an insurance firm), successfully launching a Fintech firm that was later acquired, and managing a multi-national division for AXA Insurance based in Paris, France with their asset management group.

Perry has authored several books focused on financial services, while also being a speaker at a variety of industry events and conferences. He is the recipient of a U.S. patent related to statistical analysis, and a more recent text of his entitled Digital Finance (Routledge Press) was nominated as Best Reference Business book.

Perry has been engaged for many years with a variety of programs dedicated to enriching opportunities for others, such as volunteering at The Foundation for Investor Education to teach finance and judge various entrepreneurship competitions in city public high school classrooms. He is also a mentor with Columbia University’s Entrepreneurship Center, and he participates in shadow day programs for several universities that champion support for the advancement of women and minorities and the promotion of diversity, inclusion, and equity. He is passionate about ethical applications of data science, and his views are featured in the documentary “Data Science Pioneers.” 


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