Enterprise Stress Testing and IFRS 9

Enterprise Stress Testing and IFRS 9
PRMIA Vienna and SAS present an event on the challenges and lessons learned from integrated forward looking approaches to enterprise stress testing and IFRS 9.


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May 28, 2019


17:30 - 19:30

SAS Office
Trabrennstraße 2B (2. Stock)
1020 Wien

Over the last couple of years, banks around the globe have been swamped with increasing regulatory scrutiny and complexity. In particular a shift from the traditional backward looking “What Is” supervision & bank steering towards a more forward looking “What If” approach can be noted. Focusing on historical performance is no longer sufficient, banks have to now spend increasing effort to demonstrate to external stakeholders that they can satisfy their performance requirements also in the future periods, both on the finance and the risk side, while considering also the potential adverse macroeconomic outlook. PRMIA, SAS, and banking experts will provide guidance and perspectives on the need for an aligned and integrated approach towards stress testing & forward looking risk and finance calculations and the efficiency gains & commercial benefits of such approach.

  Time   Event
  Introduction "Looking into the Future"
Peter Plochan, PRMIA Vienna and SAS
  Enterprise Wide Stress Testing: Process and Orchestration
Florian Kinast, Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Gernot Hinterleitner, Raiffeisen Bank International AG
   19:00-19:30   Stress Testing Credit Risk and IFRS 9
Christian Steinlechner, Raiffeisen Bank International AG
   19:30    Networking Reception

5/28/2019 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
SAS Office Trabrennstraße 2B (2. Stock) 1020 Wien VIENNA AUSTRIA

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