LIBOR Transition Bootcamp

LIBOR Transition Bootcamp
NEW COURSE! The transition from LIBOR to alternative risk-free rates is approaching fast. Over $300 Trillion in loans and derivative contracts globally are tied to LIBOR and its sunset will affect borrowers, lenders and intermediaries alike. This comprehensive self-paced offers 30 on-demand modules spanning from the fundamentals through advanced studies and applications.

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Course Experts

CRL Credits

 Schedule & Duration
Section 1: FOUNDATION: 8 Optional Modules
Section 2: CORE COURSE: 16 Modules
Section 3: Q&A w/industry leaders: 4 Modules
Section 4: MASTERCLASS – 8 Advanced Analytical Modules (additional fee)

 Full Course Length:
30 modules, 30-minutes each plus concept checks – total instruction 15 hours


 Course Date
October 13, 2020 - January 29, 2021 
Program can be completed in two weeks (intensive structure) or up to 12 weeks (extended structure).

Flexible and self-paced based on participant knowledge, functional area and time availability.

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About This Course

The transition from LIBOR to alternative risk-free rates is approaching fast. With over $300 trillion in loans and derivative contracts globally tied to LIBOR, its sunset will affect borrowers, lenders and intermediaries like – including banks, insurers, asset managers, investors, corporations and mortgage borrowers. Across all organizations LIBOR transition will impact front office, risk management, information technology, middle and back-office functions. Managements will have to address the impact of new risk-free interest rate benchmarks and re-negotiate existing contracts and commitments. 

Yet, much of industry stakeholders are not well-prepared. This program is designed to fill the knowledge gap regarding the LIBOR transition and prepare participants to address the multitude of challenges they are likely to face over the next year. 

Program Outline 
Each self-paced, on-demand session is 30-minutes long supplemented with a 15-minute exercise

Section 1: Concept Refresher, 8 Optional Modules
1. Conceptual knowledge assessment 
2. Risk-free rate (RFR) fundamentals and bond math
3. LIBOR components and its current usage
4. LIBOR flaws and consideration of new benchmarks
5. Overview of financial instruments and their impact of LIBOR transition
6. Dynamics of interest-rate swaps
7. Construction of interest-rate curves
8. LIBOR transition timeline and potential impact

Section 2: Core Course Topics, 16 Modules
1. Overview of LIBOR and how we got here
2. Current state of transition across Fixed Income, Loans, Derivatives, MBS/ABS and Securitizations
3. Mechanisms of ISDA Transition Fallback
4. P&L impact on Fallback Date and its implications on Collateral, Credit exposure and tax
5. SOFR & €STR Discounting and Price Alignment changes for Cleared Swaps at Exchanges
6. RFR Indices across all currencies worldwide and its conventions
7. Credit Component in LIBOR and SOFR term rates
8. Adequacy of SOFR as a replacement rate and it’s alternatives
9. Redocumentation risk, broken hedges and hedge cashflow mismatches
10. Management of legacy LIBOR swaps – renegotiations, re-bookings, compressions, fallback
11. Impact on Interest Rate Option products
12. Essential components of impact on risk measures and capital, and regulatory compliance
13. Negotiation and documentation of legacy contract
14. LIBOR transition project management and keys to success
15. Avoiding and managing quantitative risks of LIBOR transition
16. 10 common misconceptions in LIBOR transition and addressing them

Section 3: Live Q&A, 4 Modules
for scheduled live session with Industry Leaders
Schedule TBD

Section 4: Quantitative Master Class 8 Modules (additional fee)

1. Hands-on new payment and accrual conventions for FRN and swaps for reconciliations
2. Build the short end of the RFR curve and Cross-Currency Basis
3. Build the long end of the RFR curve and Cross-Currency Basis
4. Smooth interpolation with various interpolation techniques
5. Pitfalls of flat daily one day forward rates and FOMC meeting dates
6. Convexity adjustments for RFR futures and swaps to adjust for averaging and compounding
7. Accounting implications of transition of bonds and swaps
8. Performance considerations in the overall systems landscape

Who Should Attend
Traders and other front- middle-, back-office professionals, risk managers, financial controllers, investment and portfolio managers, consultants and project managers. 

About Our Experts

    Sanjay Sharma, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman of GreenPoint Global
    Tim Glauner, Principal Global Solution Consultant, Finastra
    Ann M. Battle, Head of Benchmark Reform, ISDA
    Thomas C. Deas, Jr., Chairman, National Association of Corporate Treasurers

Continued Risk Learning Credits: Up to 15

PRMIA Continued Risk Learning (CRL) programs provide you with the opportunity to formally recognize your professional development, documenting your evolution as a risk professional. Employers can see that you are not static, making you a highly valued, dynamic, and desirable employee. The CRL program is open to all Contributing, Sustaining, and Risk Leader members, providing a convenient and easily accessible way to submit, manage, track and document your activities online through the PRMIA CRL Center.  Our training partner will issue a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the course. CRL credits are self-reporting via you PRMIA membership profile. 

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10/13/2020 - 1/29/2021
Virtual Course-On-Demand

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