Child Labor in the Supply Chain - Realities for Risk Mgrs

Thought Leadership Webinar: When children are removed from child labor, they do not go to school usually, as they are working to help their family survive.  They must find another job or become beggars or worse. Thus, the usual guidance to remove children from the supply chain may hurt both the child and your business reputation.
November 1, 2023

10:00 - 11:00 a.m. EDT
2:00 - 3:00 p.m. GMT

  Presented By:
Alan Franklin
Managing Director, Global Business Risk Management

 Session Length:
60 minutes


About This Webinar

This webinar is based on the article published in iRisk, May 2023, titled "what to do when you discover Child Labour issues in your supply chain."

Companies are exhorted to conduct human rights due diligence (HRDD) on their supply chain to determine if there is child labor based upon the OECD Responsible Business Conduct guidelines, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, domestic legislation such as the German and French Supply Chain Laws.  However, if the due diligence shows child labor, what is the company to do?  This is a huge issue, rarely addressed properly.  The key problem is the belief that if the children are taken out of the supply chain they will go to school. The reality is that this will rarely happen because:

  1. Developing countries rarely provide educational opportunities for the poor.
  2. Child labor results from economic and social issues within the country.

Until those issues are solved, education is not the priority for children, but survival itself.

Thus, the webinar will look at how business should conduct HRDD and suggestions as to best course of action if existence of child labor is found. Properly done, the reputation of the business will be enhanced, and liability reduced. 

About Our Expert  


Alan is Managing Director of Global Business Risk Management (Vancouver and Toronto, Canada).

For Athabasca University he developed and is presently teaching 2 courses: International Business: Understanding and Managing Risk and Due Diligence for their distance-learning Executive MBA program.  Both courses are inter-disciplinary, combining law, ethics, risk management, corporate governance, and international human rights issues.

Through Athabasca University, he has worked with over 350 companies in Canada which has allowed him to develop insights into issues of risk analysis and management on a practical level that are not well known nor discussed in the literature or at conferences. His unique insights have empowered him to provide consulting services to corporations, lawyers, accountants, banks and insurance companies.  Most recently he has been a consultant to the African Development Bank, ASEAN, Asian Development Bank, and Foreign Affairs Departments of a number of states.

Alan has also been a faculty member of Royal University of Law and Economics in Phnom Penh Cambodia teaching courses on international business risk and human rights in their executive master’s program in business law and international law.

In Cambodia he has worked closely with both non-governmental organizations such as Save The Children and World Vision as well as international organizations such as UNICEF, ILO, IOM, UN OHCHR, UNESCO, and World Bank on issues of child labor in South East Asia.

Alan is an active member of the Columbia University “Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum” and the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association.  In addition, Alan teaches courses on international law and diplomacy to diplomats globally as a faculty member of DiploFoundation in association with the University of Malta.


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11/1/2023 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Eastern Daylight Time
Thought Leadership Webinar

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