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ESG Virtual Forum 2022: The New Era and Frontier of Risk Management

The pandemic has impacted each of us individually in a different way, whether emotionally, economically, or socially. The pandemic also exposed a number of hidden risks that the risk management community has traditionally managed as non-financial risks.

As the pandemic mutates into an endemic, these hidden risks are now in the open and firmly on the C-Suite agenda, where trending risks from ESG, Climate Change, Carbon Markets, Sustainable Finance, and Net Zero now need to be captured and managed at all levels.
As the risk community better understands the impact of risk factors emerging from the management of environmental capital, social capital, and human capital on the balance sheet, how does the risk leader need to move up the value chain in incorporating these critical ESG risks in their strategy?

Join us to discuss the impetus of ESG on risk management and the journey ahead, which will transform the relationship between the ESG stakeholders and financial markets over the next decade.

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