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Choose from an array of virtual learning courses offered throughout the year.  Each Tuesday of the course's schedule, pre-recorded lectures and lessons launch on our interactive online learning platform.  Each week consists of lectures, resources, and knowledge checks. Students also have an opportunity to submit questions to the instructor and interact with classmates.

NEW COURSE! The transition from LIBOR to alternative risk-free rates is approaching fast. Over $300 Trillion in loans and derivative contracts globally are tied to LIBOR and its sunset will affect borrowers, lenders and intermediaries alike. This comprehensive self-paced offers 30 on-demand modules spanning from the fundamentals through advanced studies and applications.

When: October 13 - January 29, 2021

Where: Virtual Course-On-Demand

NOW SELF-PACED! In this popular course, we aim to bring clarity to how AI and machine learning are revolutionizing financial services. We will provide an intuitive understanding to machine learning with just enough mathematics and basic statistics. Python knowledge required.

When: October 27 - January 31, 2021

Where: Virtual Course-On-Demand

New regulatory initiatives and market trends are asking for much faster decision making, and more agile response from banks in the coming years. The discipline of stress testing, capital planning, and scenario analysis will get a more prominent role in the bank’s steering and supervision, and will become more embedded within their organization risk management and decision making process. Financial institutions around the world are establishing dedicated teams to address these challenges and are

When: January 19 - February 23, 2021

Where: Virtual Course

NEW COURSE!  Spreadsheets are a top 10 operational risk for most organizations. 70% of companies admit to having had a serious error. This course will equip participants with the skills to assess spreadsheet risk in their organization; implement an effective spreadsheet risk process; and build reliable business critical spreadsheets.

When: February 9 - March 8, 2021

Where: Virtual Course

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