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Benefits of earning the PRM certification start from the beginning of the certification journey, i.e. from reviewing the reading materials. The gained knowledge and best practices are directly applicable to my daily job along with the process of certification. The recommended reading materials including five PRM Handbooks and case studies are not only necessary for the PRM exams, but also are excellent sources of knowledge, skill and industrial best practices for a risk management professional. The five handbooks are systematic, current and with broad-coverage. The selected case studies are the must-know cases for a risk management professional. The other impressive feature of the books is that the base knowledge is presented in such a way that even if you took Finance 101 two decades ago, you are able to quickly and smoothly regain the theories and concepts. Peter Ding, PRM, ATB Financial, Edmonton, AB Canada

Thanks to PRM Certification I have developed a deeper understanding of credit and market risks measurement. I have also benefited from case studies, as exam IV of the PRM Certification tests a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of risk management failures, their causes and the lessons to be learnt from them. The program expanded and strengthened my abilities as a risk consultant. Michał Kara, PRM, Ernst & Young, Business Advisory, Warsaw, Poland

PRMIA Certification is already on my resume and I have had three interviews in just last week, for risk management positions. The certification is opening up a lot of new career opportunities for me that I had never even dreamed of. Gundeep Anand, PRM, Chicago, USA

...I have more than 10 years experience in risk of my potential clients is insisting that I attain the PRM qualification before I can start a project [with them]. Certified PRM, Mumbai, India

I think that the preparation for the exams gives exposure to very interesting material that is useful for every finance professional to know. I would absolutely recommend the program to my colleagues and friends. Milena Todorova, PRM, New York, USA

The PRM qualification is one of the best things that PRMIA has done for the risk profession. David French, PRM, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, London, England

I downloaded your Guidebook because I interviewed a job candidate who had successfully completed the PRM program. I was very favorably impressed. Keep up the good work! Senior Portfolio Manager, Large Fund Management Company, USA

I have been accepted for admission to Stanford and Carnegie Mellon - to their Master program in financial math and computational finance respectively. My application wouldn’t have been so successful without the endorsement of the PRM. I’m proud to be part of an institution like PRMIA. Tan Heng Wee, PRM, Singapore

The exam itself was just as expected, comprehensive... This is proof that PRMIA effectively tests what it say's it will. Julio Rodriguez Quiros, PRM, San José, Costa Rica


Certified PRM Profiles

Personal stories of successful Certified PRMs, there are thousands like them, all telling a similar story.

Dr. Georg-Ruprecht von Heusinger, PRM, Lecturer in Finance, MWSE, Poland Holds a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Buckingham, UK, a Masters degree from the London School of Economics in Economics and Philosophy and a doctorate from the Cracow University of Economics, Poland. He decided to pursue the PRM designation because every professional certificate or designation is a challenge for yourself and a signal to prospective employers – and in his case a reassurance for his students. Continue reading Heusinger's PRM Story


Vinaya Sharma, PRM, Actuary, Allstate, USA Received his Bachelors Degree in Business from Drake University (1993), his Fellowship from the Society of Actuaries (1996), and the PRM designation in 2003. He decided to pursue the PRM because the PRM designation seemed like a natural progression given his previous involvement with ERM. It helped expand his knowledge base on operational risk, credit risk, and market risk techniques. Continue reading Sharma's PRM Story


Emad Mahmoud, PRM, Senior Investment Associate, Prudential Financial, USA Holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt, an ME in Civil Engineering, City College of New York, CUNY, an MA in Economics, City College of New York, CUNY, an MBA, Lubin School of Business, Pace University, New York and an MS in Computational Finance, Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University. He holds the CFA designation, PRM designation, FRM designation and the Registered Professional Engineer (PE) in New York State. He pursued the PRM to challenge himself and to gain a competitive advantage in a competitive, rapidly evolving profession. Continue reading Mahmoud's PRM Story


Pirmin Stutzer, PRM, Financial Engineer, Man Investments, Switzerland Holds a Master degree in economics (Lic. rer. pol; University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Master degree in statistics (MSc in Stat; University of Neuchatel, Switzerland), Master degree in Financial Engineering and Quantitative Analysis (MSc FEQA, ISMA Centre, University of Reading, UK). He pursued the PRM as a continuation of permanent on-the-job and off-the-job training. Continue reading Stutzer's PRM Story


Aurele Houngbedji, PRM, Senior Financial Analyst, Ohio Savings Bank, USA Holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Finance at the University of Pittsburgh. He decided to pursue the PRM because to succeed as a risk professional, it is very important to have not only the required quantitative skills but also be able to understand the financial markets, the business, and to have the ability to explain complex mathematical ideas to our clients, traders, and other people with less quantitative background. The PRMIA PRM program meet his criteria to achieve his goal which he perceived as a benchmark in the risk management industry. Continue reading Houngbedji's PRM Story


Ben De Prisco, PRM, Vice President, Research & Financial Engineering, Algorithmics (now IBM Analytics), Canada Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto; and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. He promoted the PRM within Algorithmics because the course content is current, comprehensive and reflective of the knowledge required by those engaged in today’s risk management discipline. Promoting the PRM within Algorithmics was seen as a natural way to continue to set industry leading standards for our staff in both skill set and knowledge base. Continue reading about Prisco and Algorithmics' PRM Story

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